How to download, install and use the Minecraft Fly Mod for singleplayer and multiplayer

Up, up and away! Yes, you can actually take off in Minecraft and soar over the landscape. Sadly, you’ll have to go through the reasonably complex process of installing a Minecraft mod to do so – in this case, one of the several Minecraft fly mod options – but once it’s done, you can fly over your creations and not risk backing up into a Creeper in the process.

First up, you have a few choices of mod to enable you to fly. Zombe’s Modpack (note – NOT “Zombie”, “zombe”. This will be important) is probably the best known flying mod for Minecraft, but the Minecraft Single Player Commands mod also includes a flight mode. Zombe’s mod is the only choice for multiplayer flying, however.

If you’re in single player, I recommend looking through the list of features of each mod and deciding which ones you want. Both have very similar features but implemented in different ways. Notably, the flying in Zombe’s mod is slightly more complex in its design, and so we’re going to focus on that mod.

How to download and install Zombe’s Fly Mod

You’ll need to download Zombe’s modpack from the official thread on the Minecraft forums. It’s a .zip file – whilst there are various installers for the mod floating around the ‘net, I wouldn’t recommend them. They’re all executable files, and the risk of giving your system a virus by running them is too high for my liking.


Full installation instructions for Zombe’s mod can be found here – however, they may be a bit hard to follow if you’re not pretty hardcore about your computer use. Here are some tips to make them easier:

  • You’ll need a program that’s capable of opening .jar files. The open-source program 7-Zip is probably the best option for this on Windows. If you’re on a Mac, it’s going to be harder work – you’ll probably need to use the Terminal and the command “jar -xvf ” to extract everything.
  • Back up your Minecraft.jar file by making a copy of it before opening it – particularly if you’re not too confident.
  • He doesn’t give any details on HOW to find your Minecraft folder, and it’s not very easy. Fortunately, there’s an excellent guide to finding it on Windows at least. On Mac, they should be in your ~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft folder.
  • Don’t misspell the mod’s name when you create the folder! It’s not “Zombie”, it’s “Zombe”.

How to fly!

After all that, you’ll be pleased to learn that actually flying using the flying mod, in Minecraft, is actually pretty simple.

You can customise a lot of the options for flying when you install the mod – see the “flying” section in config.txt. However, it’ll work fine out of the box.

To fly, start Minecraft, either single-player or multiplayer. Then simply press F to fly – beware, if you press F again whilst high up you’ll be going downward, fast.

You can ascend with E and descend with Q, placed neatly around the standard WASD keys for movement. You can change from fast to slow flying with Left Shift, and in single-player you can toggle the ability to fly through walls with F6.

That’s it – have fun!

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