Geocaching, Esports and Metacritic

Meanwhile, there are interesting things happening in the MMO world that don’t have to do with Monks and Demon Hunters – at least, mostly…

  • Doone at T.R. Redskies wonders whether we should be so quick to dismiss the “protest” reviews at Metacritic“Placing additional criteria on this feedback, such as playing the game before rating fails to see acknowledge the main issue: The player is only voting because they *can’t play the game in Diablo’s case. Bought and paid, the game is unplayable. A 0/10 seems fair.”*
  • Syp alerts us to a new MMO-like game – it’s persistant, player-design-driven, and, erm, involves running around outside with a GPS system and a map…“Each geocache site is a quest unto itself. And here’s the thing: No two are alike. Some are exceedingly easy to find, some are so difficult I’ve stomped out of locations after a half-hour of fruitless searching, and some have fallen prey to weather or vandals. You really never know what you’re going to get. “
  • And Reliq ponders the potential of live raiding as an e-sport“What you see, instead, are groups of highly-skilled individuals working together as teams through game encounters that are, at the basic level, easy to understand. And, it’s a simple race: which team gets that boss down quicker; how far behind is that other team, and OMFG THEY’RE CATCHING UP HOLY SHIT.”

What do you think of live raiding as a spectator sport?

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