Tips On Levelling a Mage (part 2)

Welcome back to our tips on mage levelling! Hopefully after the last article you’ve been out there frying – or freezing – your character’s mortal enemies. But maybe you, like any good mage, need more knowledge. Let’s face it – knowledge means power, and power means an unstoppable mage levelling towards saving the world.

  1. Restore health and mana regularly. Sounds silly but it’s another “don’t get taken by surprise” moment. It’s inconvenient if you’re low on either health or mana and another player or monster starts fighting you.
  2. Low mana. If you’re out of mana and in combat, don’t panic. Consider using a mixture of utility spells like frost nova and sheep to keep monsters managed and not damaging you. While you’re doing this, use your wand to slowly damage them down (remember to place the ‘shoot’ button from your spellbook on your toolbars). Survival is your priority.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings. Can you stand on a hill and fire at an enemy below you, making them run all the way round to the path before they can get to you? Can you blink or slow fall off the hill when they’re halfway up it so they have to run all the way down again? Can you attack a caster monster then hide round a corner so he can’t see you and will follow you round the corner so you can kill him safely?
  4. Experiment. Pull too many monsters and you’ll probably die. But you don’t always need to kill one at a time either. Experiment with different numbers of monsters at once. Remember that some monsters may be higher level than you or have special abilities. Remember mages have tricks up their sleeve, like the ability to polymorph an extra monster so it can’t hurt you for a bit. Experiment with the abilities you get as you level your mage and find a pace you find comfortable to level.
  5. Get some addons. Getting some mage addons will make mage levelling smoother. I’d suggest …
  • Quartz, customizeable to make castbars easier to see (see point #4)
  • SheepMonitor, which has various ways of telling you when your sheep is no longer a sheep
  • Mage fever, for a little later in levels when you have some procs and cooldowns to keep an eye on.

_Did you find this useful? Maybe you’ll also find the first half of the mage levelling tips useful if you haven’t seen them already! If it’s whetted your appetite for mage-knowledge and you want further reading on mage levelling, just ask in the comments!


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