Timelapse Guild Wars, Unwritten WoW Rules, and A Good DPS Deed

And finally, as always the weekend has thrown up some excellent links that were neither Diablo 3 related nor 30,000 words long, but are still very much worth a look!

  • In “Other Big Projects”, we’d file Project Tyria – a mammoth pictoral attempt to chronicle the changes in the land of Tyria from Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2
  • The Ancient ponders the unwritten rules we’ve all seen at work in WoW“Rule #11 If you’ve been camping a rare spawn forever AND you’re also expecting an important phone call it will spawn in front of you just as the phone rings.”
  • And The Grumpy Elf is an unlikely angel of mercy for just-dinged 85s, as he gives us a stirring call to bring your DPS to a few undergeared Heroic runs“Believe it or not, you will make a huge difference and not just in that one run but in the community as a whole. Remember, people only complain when things go bad. Your damage could make sure that does not happen. You will be helping people with smoother runs which makes people happy and the community needs less hate in these dungeons and a little more happiness.”

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All Around The MMO World – Weekend Links

Loads of fun, useful and generally readable stuff from the blogosphere from this weekend! Whether you’re hanging on in Wurm, observing TERA in amusement, or could really use a laugh after an awful LFR run, we’ve got something for you:

  • Tobold considers the current “guild size” discussion from a game design point of view“There are other ways, for example in games like A Tale in the Desert. Not only can you be in several guilds in that game, but also everybody can contribute in his own way to the guild’s projects. If the guild needs a huge amount of bricks for a project, for example, everybody can contribute at his own pace.”
  • Avatars of Steel provides some quick tips for Wurmians still avoiding the game’s forums for virus reasons
  • Rohan at Blessing of Kings observes some strange behaviour in TERA, as players proceed to mostly ignore the ingame LFG tool“Because queues are instant, the choice as a Lancer is very binary. You either run the dungeon or you go questing. But maybe after doing a few quests, you’re sort of wavering between continuing questing or going for an instance. Seeing a request for a tank can tip you over to one side, and might even allow you to feel altruistic for helping out an existing group.”
  • And Bravetank offers some more cheering alternative definitions for popular LFG and LFR terminology“In ancient times huntards were esteemed for their wisdom, strategic minds and military prowess. Only the truly gifted could ever hope to reach such heights. If you are called a huntard then you are playing your hunter class flawlessly. Do not be surprised if some people leave the group after calling you this – it is simply that they do not feel deserving enough to be in your company. Forgive them.”

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Weekend Links – Brainy Games, Raid Leading and Young ‘uns in LFD

As always, this weekend produced a bumper crop of awesome links, and so we’ll be featuring some of them tomorrow!

But for now, here are some of the great blog articles from this weekend that are definitely worth checking out:

  • The Brainy Gamer writes about how the current discussions over video games underline how healthy the medium really is“I wish we wrangled over the American Theater this way. That conversation occurs in cafes and at restaurant tables, but nowhere to the degree or depth that I see happen regularly about games.”
  • Redbeard at Parallel Context wonders when organised PvPers and casual PvPers should be separated for fairness“The hardcore EVE types will argue that it’s all for the better to separate the wheat from the chaff, but there’s a drawback to such behavior. You feed into the stereotype that PvPers are all assholes who hang out with ninja looters and trade chat nutjobs. “L2P noob!” doesn’t help the community, it harms the community by making it shrink.”
  • Scott Andrews has been writing his column on raid leading at WoW Insider for 5 years now – and he’s sharing the top 4 lessons from all that time“You should always respect the people in your guild, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer their nonsense. The respect has to flow both ways. If players lack respect for other members or for you, you need to act firmly. “
  • And finally, the Big Bear Butt is back, with a fascinating and frankly uplifting look at how his 9-year-old son is doing with LFG groups“I’ve watched him in instances, and he’s outstanding. He doesn’t say a word in chat, because he doesn’t type all that fast, although he does like typing in “/say Hello”. Regardless, he’s been rocking the place, and I’ve seen other players offer to trade him items that he could use, and I have yet to see anyone be mean to him at all.”

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