WoW Levelling As Its Own Game

Yesterday we highlighted Tobold’s idea to strip raiding away from WoW and have it as its own solo/multiplayer game. Well, you’re not getting the full scope of Tobold’s idea if you only get the half we ran yesterday, as it was only half Tobold’s brainwave. Today he’s posted up the other side concerning making WoW’s levelling game an entity of its own.

Tobold says the basic problem is that reaching the level cap and going into heroics/raids isn’t an end to levelling, just that levels start being measured in terms of gear. Once you realise that raiding and levelling are both ‘levelling’ games (it’s called progression for a reason), Tobold says, you can approach each as a means to itself. Levelling then becomes the end-game: your goal. He has a lot of ideas how to make it work to keep us engaged.

The same principle would also serve to create a flexible social game. It would be possible to solo, but the efficiency in experience points per hour would be relatively low. Group, and you advance faster. And you wouldn’t need a full group for that, as a group with 2 or 3 members would simply advance faster than a solo player, but slower than a full group. Thus given the possibility to temporarily adjust your level for a group, and a flexible group size, you would always be able to form a group with whoever of your friends is online…

Tobold says there needs to be enough levelling content to keep players entertained, and being able to change your level would keep things fresh and sociable. He points out this would have impacts on game mechanics from guilds to taking pride in your levelling gear, and everything in between. The only thing I’m not sure on is Tobold’s logic of how this would affect peoples’ role choices.

Go, read. What do you think – would a pure-levelling version of WoW mean people were more sociable and took up roles they didn’t like, or would it skew it too much towards social (or even casual), and fail to satisfy you?

_Quote taken directly from Tobold’s post

You can find Tobold’s MMORPG Blog homepage here_

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