The Flaws Of Mists Of Pandaria

So far, it seems that Mists of Pandaria has been a roaring success – but no expansion or game is without its flaws.

Several bloggers have been pointing out some places where Pandaria could do with more polish today:

  • Beruthiel is dismayed at the sheer number of dailies that seem to be required to compete as a serious raider“Every day I dread the daily grind. It is one of the first things I do, because I know that if I don’t I will find ways to avoid doing it. It is tedious, it is boring, it is frustrating…and for a progression raider it is required.”
  • Zellviren writes a “pros and cons” post, listing quest design and professions as pros, and the daily grind and Heroic dungeons as decided cons“They’re just… Not punishing enough. I’m not asking for a repeat of Cataclysm where the slightest error cost you your life, but some of the mechanics may as well not be there considering how lowly their damage is tuned. “
  • Stormy also does a pros and cons post, waxing lyrical about some areas of Pandaria, but less so about the leveling grind and Spirits of Harmony“I’m sorry, I know there’s a debate raging about this in various corners of the internet, but the leveling grind is too damned long.”
  • And finally, Stubborn is finding that rather than being pleased at the changes in WoW, he’s just finding them overwhelming and stressful“To be frank, I felt baffled, in the end, baffled, by definition – to frustrate or check by confusing or perplexing. It was a lot to absorb at once, and I don’t know if I even want to absorb it.”

I’m definitely enjoying MoP so far, but I’ve been looking at the daily grind post-90, and I must admit, it looks pretty intimidating. Still, with the recent JP gear hotfix, Blizzard are clearly aware of at least some of the issues.

Anything driving you up the wall about MoP?

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Weekend Roundup: Guild Wars 2

It’s been a very busy weekend in the MMOsphere, and so today we’re rounding up the must-read posts by category rather than anything fancier – there’s a lot of really good stuff to read this weekend!

First up, Guild Wars 2, where it would appear much of the discussion has centered around the game’s economy, which may be Less Broken Than It Previously Appeared… But there’s more, too:

  • MMO Gamer Chick has entered Guild Wars 2’s first dungeon, and writes an extensive and very interesting look at the gameplay and the different mindset of a GW2 instance run” I thought I was going to hate this aspect of GW2′s dungeon fights, but in the end I found myself strangely fine with it. As one of my guildies said, “EMBRACE THE ZERG!” That became my mantra.”
  • Syl looks at the gold-gems exchange rate, and finds its economic premise unconvincing and potentially flawed“What will keep the balance from shifting further in favor of gold farmers or “gem hoarders/speculators” (buying cheaper gems now, waiting for demand to raise)? “
  • Tobold has been experimenting with the GW2 Auction House, and appears to be finding little niches of profit, even within the massive global Auction House“With everybody on the same auction house, there aren’t many opportunities for quick money without much effort or thinking. But with a careful study there is money to be made, even in the deflationary market of Guild Wars 2.”
  • Stubborn applauds GW2’s approach to levelling and non-linearity, calling it the first non-linear leveling experience for some time“This hearkens back to old school WoW, where even though you needed an exhausting amount of experience, you didn’t have to do every zone. “
  • And Ravious looks at GW2’s economy as a whole, from gold sinks to gem sales, and is ever-more impressed with its design“So far I am very impressed with the economy in Guild Wars 2. It is clear that time has been taken to interweave a lot of big moving parts in something on the order of the Eternal Alchemy.”

How’s your GW2 experience so far? Are you managing to make gold? Are you enjoying it?

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