Why Would People Leave WoW?

With WoW moving toward a cash shop, the major drop in the last release, and almost everyone in the WoW community knowing people who’ve stopped playing, “Why Do People Stop Playing WoW?” is a pretty big question right now.

Today two bloggers are looking at that question from very different perspectives – and it’s fascinating to see the contrast.

  • Ardwulf takes a look at the changes in WoW from an extremely old-school player’s perspective, in a short but interesting piece.

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  • And The Godmother looks at the community of WoW, and whether that’s actually what drives a lot of people to get the hell out of (virtual) Dodge.

    Read If Leaving Me Is Easy »

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WoW Roundup: Luck Tested, Player Wealth and more

Exciting times in WoW right now, between the new raids and the upcoming patch! And blog activity’s reflecting that – there’s a lot of good writing out there.

At the same time, it’s not all happy – but whether you want to read scientific (ish) testing of WoW superstitions, or a well-considered essay on why one veteran player’s quitting the game, it’s all here:

  • We don’t usually link to “I’m quitting WoW” posts, but Kurn’s epic discussion and analysis of the game and her relation with it is fascinating reading – FAR from the usual “I quit” post (earlier parts here“I didn’t just become a raider. I became a raid leader. I became a healing lead. I became a guild master. I became a WoW blogger. I became a WoW podcaster. World of Warcraft has been a great place for me to hang out for seven years. “
  • Saxsy writes a very useful guide for any AH player to the uses or lack therof of MoP gems“A lot of gems here reflect the primacy of hit and spirit. Like the blue ones above, I expect these to become less popular as gear gets better and these stats become less useful. For now, though, these gems actually sell pretty well, which is a refreshing change from Cataclysm, where the best price you could get for a green gem was from the vendor.”
  • The Grumpy Elf wanted more luck – so he tested out some of the methods that other players swear make WoW’s RNG kinder“So many people relay stories exactly like this, so is it possible that there is something to it? It seems to work the same with BoP patterns in raids. If a blacksmith BoP pattern drops from the raid and there are no blacksmiths in the raid expect to see a lot of them. If there are a few, expect to see none.”
  • The Godmother writes a really great post about the impact when your play isn’t up to scratch, and how we – and she – copes with it“There is a very good reason why L2P can be as abusive a phrase as it is. If you can, then it is likely you will never understands the issues that arise if you can’t. Knowing you can’t, and admitting that fact is often very difficult.”
  • Beruthiel channels Dr Seuss for a parable about the current state of the healing druid“The Lorax said, “Sir! You are crazy, my friend. There is no one on earth who will use them in the end!”. The crab laughed at the Lorax, “You poor stupid guy! You will use them, and like it, or just manage to get by”.”
  • And Eric Dekker reveals the results of his 2012 Warcraft Wealth survey in a long, fascinating post“Given the results of this year’s survey the calculate Gini Index, the measurement of inequality where 0% is perfect equality and 100% is perfect inequality, for the World of Warcraft population is 75.9, a raise of 10.4 points over 2011’s results. To give some scale to the disparity if Azeroth was a country it would have the most inequality in the world, doing even worse than Namibia which has a 74.3. “

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WoW: Healer Performance in MoP, Tiller Love, Final Achievements

We’re moving to doing game-specific roundup posts here at the Pot for a while – let me know what you think, or if you prefer the old grab-bag style.

Today’s game is WoW – from Reasons To Love The Tillers, to some seriously hardcore graphing of healer performance so far this expansion, it’s all interesting stuff for those of us in the Land of Pandas:

  • Erinys writes a quick post crowing about three little fluff items that make her love the Tillers farming faction“This wonderful set makes your character don a chefs hat and start chopping as if you’re in the final minutes of a closely fought Iron Chef battle. You swiftly reduce your kill to a pile of blood red guts such is your enthusiasm”
  • Beruthiel is back on the case with some serious graphs, as she looks at the state of the various healing classes one month into the expansion“Monks are undeniably the strongest healers at this juncture in the game with none of the other healing classes coming close to them in performance. They are followed by Shaman and Paladins, with Druids and Priests bringing up the rear.”
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob writes about his experience completing his last-ever WoW achievement as he leaves the game behind” The account was cancelled and would no longer be a worry. Around 5am today it was closed. But last night, when there were still a few more hours left to go, I decided to log in one more time and bang out one last achievement.”
  • And Lono is embarking on an ambitious-sounding research project to figure out just why and how raids work – and he needs your help to do it.“To put it simply, people are keen to say that they loved some raids but not why.”

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Roundup: WoW Bloggers Comings And Goings

I was pruning my blogroll today and noticed a few bloggers bringing us up to speed with their level of activity. So this ere’s a brief roundup post to let you know who’s doing what, so you can update your own blogrolls and go welcome them back or say a sniffly goodbye.

  • Bell of 4 Healz is going to the Emerald Dream. She’s closing the blog for the foreseeable future to move on to other things in life. Sounds like it was a tough decision but kudos to her for making it. Sad news for us but hopefully happy news for Bell – safe travels, Bell.
  • Larisa of the pink pigtails is back and wanting to hear about what’s been happening while she was away. Sounds like she had a great time away, why not go get her up to speed on what she’s missed?
  • Bull of Bullcopra’s back after a refreshing break in that game called Real Life. He’s just getting back into the swing of WoW – welcome back, Bull.
  • Krizzlybear of Frost Is The New Black has returned from what turned out to be a short hiatus. He’s been back a few days now and a Beta key’s magically floated his way, so look out for thoughts on Cata coming from Krizzly.
  • Syp at Bio Break didn’t go anywhere but is taking a moment to pause from world domination to ask us all if he’s been remiss about adding our blogs to his blog roll. If you’ve featured him recently and blog regularly, go let him know.

So those are all the blog activity posts I’ve noticed – have I missed anyone? A new blog starting, someone returning, someone leaving? Let me know either in the comments or via the contact form or twitter and i’ll update this list.

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