WoW: Leave No Tracks – Stuck on this quest? We’ll help you out.

It’s time for another look at one of the confusing quests in WoW: Leave No Tracks. Just like The Ritual Bond, this one is a low-level Alliance-only quest that takes place in Darkshore. You can pick it up from Balren of the Claw in the Grove Of The Ancients.

Spying on the Twilight’s Hammer

The quest requires you to gather intelligence from the Twilight’s Hammer cultists to the south-west of the Grove Of The Ancients. Balren will give you a Panther Figurine, which you can use to avoid detection. Right-click the item and you’ll be transformed into a prowling panther. You’ll automatically be stealthed, which means you’ll be undetectable by most of the cultists.


Listen to Balsoth

Don’t go up to the platform where Thayla and Trevellion are. The follow-on quest will require you to spy on them, but for this quest you need to listen to a conversation from Foreman Balsoth, who is in the middle of the tented area, at the lower level. You’ll be able to sneak past most of the mobs without detection, but watch out for Faceless Ones – they can see right through your clever panther disguise, and will have the rest of the cultists on you before you can say “Meow! Nothing to see here!”. Be careful not to take any falling damage either, since this will also break your stealth.

Foreman Balsoth‘s speech will only be triggered by you, and you’ll have to get very close to him before he’ll start to speak. Once you’ve listened to his couple of lines, the quest will be completed and you can head back to Balren to get the follow-up.

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