Ever Thought About Tipping Bloggers?

Blogging. Money.

Two words that don’t get used together often in the WoW blogosphere. When they do it usually causes a hush followed by a calamity of people shouting both for and against those words being used together. If that’s what happens here then that’s grand – I want to open up this can of worms and see what the community does with it. And whether Cold’s reasonable post can change any opinions about whether bloggers should get tipped for their work.

Cold’s going out on a limb and saying that when you read a blog or post you enjoy you could consider tipping the blogger. Just like you do in any number of places where people spend a lot of time maintaining a service so you can do what you want; be it have a great time out, get from A to B safely or not have to worry about your car being ned‘ed (yes it’s a word… now) while you’re not looking.

We as bloggers put a ton of time and effort into keeping our sites maintained.  Providing quality content on a daily basis is hard work.  Many readers reap the benefits from their favorite sites, but never leave anything in return, not even a comment, much less an actual tip.  There a few other ways that you can “tip” your favorite bloggers to show that their work is appreciated.

Cold points out that a lot of blogs already display various ways you could tip them. He talks through things you could look out for on a blog to help support the blogger. They’re all good ideas, though I’d note that you probably don’t want to click on too many adverts on a blog each day as google might decide it doesn’t trust the blog.

Sure, Cold’s post doesn’t mention any games but in talking about blogging itself it focusses on a topic that’s just as essential as whether WoW’s on its knees or dancing in the street. If bloggers didn’t pour their hearts into sharing their opinions and adventures then we wouldn’t have the pleasure of reading them and reciprocating: of being a community of gamers.

What do you think – should we be more open minded about this, or is blogging just a labour of love and should stay that way?

_Quote taken directly from Cold’s post

You cna find Blogging Vitals’ homepage here and Cold’s Gold Factory (his WoW site) here_

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