Appearance is everything

Now that the news of the forthcoming Transmogrification tools in WoW Patch 4.3 has settled in, many bloggers are starting to speculate about which bit of gear has the best look. I can the impression that a lot of people are planning their perfect appearance in advance, with some players even starting to grind old world instances already.

The Dreamy Druid has a list of best picks for druids. I’ve always thought that druids have been lucky enough to have some of the best tier sets over the years, and Melyanna’s selection shows them all off well.

What could be cooler than killing baddies in metaphorical high heels?

For hunters, Morynnne at Marks-365 continues her Hunter Tier Transmogrification Guide with a list of belts and boots. There are some great images here, particularly in the main guide. I don’t think Id’ even seen the hunter Tier 1 set before, but I like it.

Even WoW Insider is getting in on the act, with a post today looking at the different warlock tiers. There’s a definate aura of warlockophelia in the air:

[O]h, tier 5. This is perhaps the signature warlock tier set for many players. It offers everything that you could ever want out of a set: It’s excessively dark, it shows that warlocks will do whatever it takes to defeat their enemies, and just overall is the core of what makes a warlock a warlock and not a weak-willed mage.

If you are a ‘weak-willed mage’, you might be interested in Disciplinary Action’s list of Mage, Warlock and Priest tier gear. This one’s pretty extensive, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Personally, I’m more excited about changing the appearance of weapons that I am of gear. My Warmace of Menethil was hard-won, and it pained me to have to stop using it. It’ll be nice to have it back, even if only in appearance.

I’ll leave you with one final post from Markco at Just My Two Copper. I’m not even going to pretend that there’s a link to any of today’s other posts, but when one of the best gold-making bloggers out there posts a list of 400 WoW Gold Tips I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you in his direction.

Quotes, as always, taken directly from the relevant posts.

Have you picked your perfect outfit yet? Have you started farming old content? Let us know in the comments.

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Just My Two Copper: How To Spreadsheet To Profit

There’s a post up today over at Just My Two Copper giving you all the information you need to get your Auction Housing endeavours running a whole lot more smoothly using an Excel spreadsheet. Wait! Don’t let the word ‘spreadsheet scare you off just yet, it might well be for you. Yes,  you. Whether you’re new to the idea of spreadsheets for auctioneering or you already use spreadsheets and think you’ve got your profits covered.

The post is by Scantron from the JMTC forums, and is first and foremost a step by step guide with plenty of screenshots for setting up a spreadsheet that lets you keep an eye on your market’s profits and pitfalls in the most efficient ways.

Your sheets can be as complicated or simple as your heart desires. At a minimum, to use my techniques you need:

• Excel 2007 (I believe these instructions can also be followed for 2010)

• A list of your materials and their costs

• Formulas for the items you intend to craft

• A log of sales (date and price)

The guide’s tuned to help folks who aren’t that tech savvy keep pace. Yep, if you’re anything like me with numbers and rows of boxes on the screen, Scantron’s explanations of what to do, when and where, are just what you need to get your spreadsheet set up without glaring at a screen full of +++PLEASE REINSTALL UNIVERSE+++ errors. And if it’s not quite clear enough, he links early on to general Excel starter help.

It’s a fairly long post but it’s lean and contains only the information you need. I’ve not tested it personally yet but it looks very much like if you want more auction profit, playing around with a spreadsheet wouldn’t be a bad step. Frankly given Blacksen’s predictions yesterday that auction housing will be more difficult, I’m pleased to see economy-minded bloggers already rising to the challenge of helping Joe Adventerur on the street grab some gold in these changing times!

What do you think – spreadsheeting sound interesting for finding your way through the auction house, or sound like too much hard work?

_Quote taken from Scantron’s post_

_You can find Just My Two Copper’s homepage here_

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Just My Two Copper: How To Make Some Gold As A Lowbie

Markco over at Just My Two Copper is addressing something that every new character has in common: starting out as fresh adventurer without a copper to their name.

Whether you’re a new or experienced player, starting a new character on the road to heroic deeds is an expensive time what with training, professions and upgrading the clothes on your back so you don’t keel over quite so quickly. But Markco’s showing us how to make some cash simply and affordably; by reselling some of the items available from vendors around big cities.

I remember the first time I entered Orgrimmar on my warrior. All I could think was wow… this place is huge, look at all the buildings and people! As a new player I focused on getting my quests done, exploring the city and then moved on to other areas to keep leveling. I missed out on major gold making opportunities I wish I’d known about back then.

These tips are great for everyone. Not just new characters. Sure, they alolow your new character help themselves off to a comfortable start. But they also help the person choosing to buy your auctions spend their time doing something other than running around a city in return for a couple of gold.

_Quote taken directly from Markco’s post_

_Markco’s Just My Two Copper homepage is here and his Youtube channel is here_

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