MMOs: the Pink Paper Financial Times Edition

Ok, today I’m channeling my inner banker.

…I said “banker”.

Yes, it’s all gone a bit financial in the MMO world. With WoW Patch 4.3, amongst other things, spelling financial apocalypse for Jewelcrafters, whilst Guild Wars 2 is starting to leak out news of the microtransactions that will drive it, everyone’s talking money, money, money. And some of the things they’re saying are quite surprising:

  • Gold-making columnist Fox Van Allen over at WoW Insider issues an urgent call for Blizzard to start costing him more gold“Surrendering the war on inflation will have terrible consequences, mostly for the most casual of players.”
  • Power Word Gold are taking a lengthy and interesting look at the “Patch 4.3”: Epic Gem announcements and how gold-making jewelcrafters might be able to recover“While I’d love to be wrong (as it would give me much more opportunity for profits) I think Cataclysm epic gems will be perceived by players as something that “raiders in Cata worked for but were unobtainable by anyone who didn’t raid in patch 4.3”. This certainly gives them the most prestige.”
  • Tish Tosh Tesh is striking out against the subscription model, saying that people who defend it blindly are suffering from Stockholm Subscription Syndrome“When you pay for time to play, you’ve already acquiesced to the premise that you’re paying for access, not content… Businesscritters naturally exploit this tendency, though they tend to be careful not to draw too much attention to the persistent blood loss, lest they draw too much attention and trigger a response.”
  • And Tobold is channeling Thomas Aquinas in his search for a Just Price for MMOs“Ultimately which business model is better for the player depends on what kind of player he is… Conflict arises from the fact that the group who is subsidizing the other players in each of these models would be better off playing a game of the other business model. “

Are you thinking financial thoughts today? Are you running scared from the Jewelopocalypse? Wondering how you’re going to afford 250g for a glyph? Or fighting not to Microtransact too much? Tell us below!

All quotes taken from their respective blog posts.

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