Gear, Spaceships and Instant Messaging

SWTOR seems to be the topic of discussion today – and sadly not in a good way. In addition, we’ve got more interesting comment on the idea of MMORPGs morphing partially into social networks, and The Grumpy Elf looks at the perennial topic of gear and “welfare epics”…

  • Yes, Grumpy’s back, and today he has a thoughtful, interesting response to the question “why would non-raiders want raiding gear?”“For the non-raider your progression is your gear. If you are 330 you are starting, if you are 350, you are advancing, if you are 380 you are doing well and if you are 390, you are basically capped as far as you can go without raiding. “
  • Rohan at Blessing of Kings considers the way in which one of SWTOR’s cooler ideas – the personal spaceship – has actually become an albatross around its neck“Sometimes I wonder if The Old Republic managed to incur an ancient voodoo curse during its development. It feels like almost every design decision they made carried a hidden sting, an aspect that would later come back to bite them.”
  • Straw Fellow continues his “worst case” series of MMO futurism pieces, looking at just what might happen if SWTOR does indeed become free to play“SWTOR was supposed to be our last hope. It was supposed to prove that with a good IP and a solid budget you could create a game that could sustain itself on subscriptions. “
  • And Jacob at TL:DR considers the many potential benefits to games companies of allowing non-subscribed players to communicate with subscribers via an IM client“A communication system that spans on and offline would also encourage retention of players. Having an ease of communication between guild members just facilitates keeping a group of people together, which means people play the game longer. “

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