Of Newness, Newbies, and New Roles

There’s a bit of a “new” theme running through the WoWoSphere today. New roles, helping newbies, and whether or not to correct ignorance. So, without further ado…

  • Divine Plea has been considering the plight of the rookie in LFD: ” Behind the keyboard (usually) is another person, and that person probably has feelings that they’d like to keep intact. Even that hunter doing 4k in your 85 heroic might not just be a turd, but someone who has never had anything explained to them.”
  • Vidalya at Manalicious has moved from playing a mage to playing a paladin, and is feeling the challenges: “The biggest shift is a mental one, and it’s taken some time. I’ve had to teach my brain to recognize mild stress as ‘the norm’ and not freak out and just do its thing.”
  • Windsoar at Jaded Alt is considering what to do about peopel who display ignorance in guild applications: “My gut reaction remains, “It’s not my job to teach you how to play. You applied for a position, you get in on your current knowledge/ability/bubbly personality.” But even as I thought about typing that, I realized, it’s not always true!”

What do you do about guild applications that reveal, erm, a less-than-stellar understanding of the game? Have you swapped roles, and how did you find it? And do you help or kick in LFD?

All quotes taken directly from their respective source articles.

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