Firelands Boss Guides – healing Beth’tilac

One of the first bosses you’re likely to encounter in the Firelands raid is the evil Apostrophe Spider, Beth’tilac. Healing Beth’tilac can be a challenge, but with careful coordination with the rest of your raid you’ll be feasting on spider meat in no time.

As we mentioned in our main Beth’tilac tactics guide, your raid will be split into two groups: one to stay on the ground level, and one to climb up to Beth’tilac’s web. One healer should be assigned to the Web Level Team, with the rest of the healers staying on the Ground Level. It’s best to assign a healer with good AoE heals to the Web Level Team. A single-target healer might find things get a bit hairy once Beth’tilac starts throwing out AoE damage.

Healing the ground-level team

If you’re part of the Ground Level Team, you won’t ever have to ascend to the web level. There’s almost no need to worry about positioning during the main phase of the fight, so stack up in the centre and simply heal the rest of the Ground Level Team while they deal with the adds that will spawn.

You should probably assign a dedicated healer for the off-tank, who will be taking notable damage from Cinderweb Drones (the largest adds). You should also watch out for the small Cinderweb Spiderlings, who apply a DoT when they hit.

Cinderweb Spinners occasionally encase players in webs. Rely on your DPS to get you out if you become trapped in a web. Remember to communicate your dilema through the time-honored method of shouting incoherently.

The Web Level Team will temporarilly jump down to ground level each time Beth’tilac casts Smouldering Devastation. Once that’s happened three times, Beth’tilac herself will descend, and Phase 2 begins.

Healing the web-level team

The Web Level Team should only need one healer. At the start of the fight, you need to be on the lookout for spider threads, which are left by Cinderweb Spinners when they die. These threads act as vehicles, so you can click on one to transport yourself to the web level. You need to be the second person to reach the web level, so as soon as the main tank has grabbed a thread, go grab one yourself.

There are no adds on the web level, only Beth’tilac and her various irritating spells. She’ll regularly cast Ember Flare, which does fire damage to all players on the web level. She’ll also cast Meteor Burn, causing meteors to drop onto the web. They have a clear indicator in the form of a fiery orange circle, so they’re easy to avoid. They’ll leave behind a small pool of fire, so be on the lookout for clumsy raiders accidentally stumbling into them.


When Beth’tilac’s Fire Energy bar reaches zero, she’ll start to cast Smouldering Devastation, which is bad news for anyone on the web level. Jump down the hole in the middle of the web, and assist your fellow healers on the ground level until it’s safe to head back up again. You’ll need to find another dead Spinner and hitch a ride on its thread like you did at the start of the fight.

Smoldering Devastation will happen three times in total, then it’s time for Phase 2.

Phase 2: Panic

Beth’tilac descends from the web level to the ground level. You should stack up behind her with the rest of the raid. The main tank and the off-tank will be regularly switching boss aggro between them, in an effort to rid themselves of The Widow’s Curse. This debuff slowlyreduces the amount of healing they can receive, so don’t be too concerned if your healing seems to be becoming gradually more ineffectual.

Beth’tilac’s damage will continue to increase during this phase until she’s killed, so now is the time to expend your once-per-fight healing cooldowns. Coordination with your tanks and with your fellow healers is the key here. After that, it’s up to the DPS to make sure this final phase doesn’t last too long!

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