How To Get To Uldum as Alliance or Horde, and How To Leave Again (plus – getting to Uldum without flying)

Ah, Uldum. The majestic statues, the vast pyramids, the endless sands, the euphemistic Nazis. Oh, and of course the total pain in the ass of a trip to there or from there. Well, never mind. If you want to know the fastest suggestions for how to get to Uldum, or indeed how to get out again after you’ve discovered there’s no effing portal, we’re here for you.

As you probably know already, Uldum’s located south-west of Tanaris, or as I like to call it, just past the arse end of nowhere. (Here’s the Wowwiki link). It’s also one of the best zones in Cataclysm, if not the best zone, for mining – with only the slight problem that you’ve got to get to the bloody place first.

Opening the Uldum Portal – the fast way

If you’re ever going to want to visit Uldum, you’re going to want the portal open in your capital city. Once you’ve completed enough of the Uldum questline (which is only about 5 quests, so well worth doing) to activate the portal, you’ll find it with the rest of the Cataclysm portals: on the hill just north of the Valley Of Wisdom in Orgrimmar, or on Eastern Earthshrine island (northwest of Stormwind Keep) in Stormwind.

To get the portal open in the first place, you’ll need to be at least Level 83, and take the quest “Hero’s Call: Uldum” from any of the capital cities (notably the Hero’s Call board in the Trade District) for Alliance, or the “Warchief’s Command: Uldum” quest from the board in front of Garrosh’s fortress in the Valley of Strength in Ogrimmar.

Rather unsportingly, the boards and capital cities offer no actual transport to Uldum. If you’re in Ogrimmar, the least hassle option is probably to take a flight path as far south as you can (either to Gadgetzan or to Dawnrise Expedition / Gunstan’s Dig if you have them). For Alliance, the fastest option is either a boat to Theramore from the Stormwind Harbour, or a portal from a friendly mage to Dalaran, from which you can take the portal to the Caverns of Time.


Either way, on your trip to Uldum, be sure to tag Dawnrise Expedition / Gunstan’s Dig flight points if you ever want to be able to fly in or out. Uldum’s flight paths DO NOT connect with Gadgetzan directly.

Once you arrive at the quest location, you’ll start the quest “Easy Money”. If you’re not wanting to do the full Ramkaheten chain, however, you only need to go through the chain as far as “Escape from the Lost City”, which is 5 quests in. It should take you about 10 minutes total, reward a bit of rep, and importantly, open up the portal direct to the Ramhaketen capital city.

Getting Out Of Uldum Again

Here’s the bad news – there’s no portal back. None, nada, zero.

That’s why you made sure to pick up the flight paths! Otherwise, your choices are to Hearthstone (fine if it’s not on CD) or to, um, wait for your Hearthstone to cool down.

There is literally no faster way to leave.

Other ways in

There are a bunch of other ways to get to Uldum if you need to take them:

  • If you’ve already got friends questing in Uldum and you want to join them, there are two dungeons with meeting stones. Lost City of the Tol’Vir is probably the most convenient route.
  • Gnomish Engineers can get to Uldum from anywhere in the world pretty rapidly, as can mages. The Gadgetzan Teleporter will get you within 5 minutes of the entrance, and the Dalaran teleport followed by the portal in the Violet Tower is even closer.
  • You can fly into Uldum at any level when you’ve got Old-World Flying. There’s no bar.
  • And if you’re crazy or dedicated enough, you can even walk in at any level you like, from the entrance in the South West of Tanaris – although beware, there’s a level 85 Scorpion in the entrance that will give you a fairly unpleasant time of it…
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