Away for a week, back after that!

The Melting Pot will be quiet next week as I’m AFK for a week actually playing games rather than writing about them!

If you see anything you think we should feature, Tweet me or comment below and I’ll pick it up when I get back.

We’ll be back with all your regular MMO goodness the week after!

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Holiday cheer

So, both Rebecca and I are on holiday this week, meaning that posting’s going to be a bit sporadic. There will still be new stuff, but probably not every day. After all, there’s this “outside” thing I hear is pretty this time of year.

So, have a great week, I’ll see you through the week, and we’ll be back next week with your regular daily awesomeness from the MMOSphere.

In the meantime, I present you two quick but cool links – Scribblings on the Asylum Wall is questioning whether a grind for 685 – yes, 685 – Marks of the World Tree is really great game design, and in happier news, Spinks is discovering that actually, the RIFT endgame is kinda awesome.

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Guest Posts Wanted

Hi folks!

So Hugh and I are gallivanting off to the other end of the country to visit family for a week from next Tuesday, the 10th. We’ve got quite an action-packed schedule and I’m looking at it thinking I’ll be unlikely to keep up a regular schedule on the Pot for that week. Sorry about that!

But that’s where you guys come in. I figured I’d open up the Pot’s space rather than let it go blank – I’d love to schedule some guest posts to go live during that week. It’ll be good times for everyone. You get to say howdy to the Pot’s readership of lovely and dedicated players, they get to read something fresh and different on the site, and I get to not worry about lights going out on the Pot for a week.

What sort of posts?

You don’t have to write link-love posts like most of ours are. I mean, you’re definitely welcome to if you want to, but given I’d like to schedule them before I go away to go up during my week away, link posts will probably be a bit old by the time they go live. But you’re welcome to do it anyway if you think there’s something huge and exciting that we’ve missed highlighting!

Other ideas you could run with for a guest post include…

  • Some kind of class guide for whatever game you play (I’d love to read more about Rift and LoTRO classes, and WoW guides always go down well like ED’s last time we ran guest posts)
  • Traditional post – An opinion post like you would normally post on your own site – write it and send it in, happy to feature them!
  • A roundup of blogs you want to give a shout out to for whatever reason
  • Gold tips
  • Dust off your best or favourite posts from your archives that you think people will enjoy, and do a roundup of your own best posts
  • Addon review or roundup – we haven’t focused much on addons recently (doh) so maybe you want to?
  • ….pretty much anything else MMO related you want!

When by?

I’d like them in my inbox by 12 am BST (4 pm PCT) next Monday 9th May, generally – gives me a chance to schedule on WordPress before hitting the road. If you’d really like to do this but can’t fit it in by Monday I can probably work something out for quick scheduling one or two posts later in the week but will have less time to format anything that needs formatting.

That’s pretty much it! You’re welcome to send in a post whoever you are – whether or not you’re a blogger already – so long as it’s about MMOs and you, y’know, are a gamer. If you’re going to send something in, please post a comment here or email us.

Thanks very much in advance – if you’ve got any questions or anything, feel free to ping me either here or on twitter!

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Fortnightly Feedback #3 – Before I Go Find The Moonbeams…

This ‘ere fortnightly post is us actively checking in on what you think of MMO Melting Pot; if there’s anything you’d like to see more of, less of, plain changed, or generally what you like/dislike. We don’t promise to act on your opinions right away but we do want to hear em and might well take them on board so long as they’re constructive!

Things look good from our end. We’re thoroughly enjoying reading blogs at the moment. We’re sticking to two or three posts a day so you don’t get bogged down in twenty posts daily, but sometimes it’s hard to pick just two or three things to feature, which is great.

On the advertising side we’re keeping an eye on our ads for goldsellers that need removing. We’re also looking for related websites to throw a hail at, just to let them know we’re around and spread the word. Give us a shout if you have any brainwaves for sites we should introduce ourselves to. We promise to be nice, maybe even provide cookies. ****

Now, I’m on holiday next week, doing holiday things … ‘Long baths. Braid my beard. Unbraid it. Lie around, fondling moonbeams, being a lord of leisure’ as Manny Bianco would say.

Except the beard part.

MMO Melting Pot will run just the same in my absence: I’m leaving you in Hugh and Johnnie’s hands. While there may not be as many posts next week they will be posting, and you can still contact us just the same as usual with responses to posts, questions, suggestions or constructive criticism.

But before I go find the moonbeamshow’s MMO Melting Pot doing for you?

Feel free to answer that any way you want. If something’s popped into your mind during the past couple of weeks and you’ve thought “must say X to the folks at Melting Pot” but never found the right moment, now’s a good time. Or, if it helps, perhaps think about how you feel about these topics:

  • Are there any topics you think we’re covering too much, or not enough?
  • Are there any sites we’re glaringly obviously missing from our blogroll, or not featuring, that you think we should be?
  • Are there any better ways you think we could interact with you, and help you interact with other readers? I’m thinking about methods of communication that you might use day-to-day, like twitter or the comment section, for example. Are there any new ways we could implement, or any way we can improve the existing ways to interact?

Looking forward to hearing how things look to you, and have a great week! Feel free to help us out on the goldsellers too – let us some details of any you spot cropping up on the site so we can get rid of them.

See you in a few days, although I suspect you might find me skulking around in the comments area like a lost puppy next week anyway.

_Quote taken from Black Books season 2, The Entertainer, found at

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