Heroic dungeons in Mists Of Pandaria

Lost in a dungeon? Not sure what the tactics are? Getting grief from other players about it, or just want to avoid any trouble? Here’s our master list of brief (so you can read them on the run) strategy guides for the new Mists Of Pandaria Heroic dungeons.

Or, alternatively, have you just discovered that someone in your run doesn’t know the tactics, but you can’t face typing them out slowly for each and every boss? Grab these guides – they include code so that you can copy and paste each section with a couple of clicks as you come up to a boss fight or tricky bit, and each boss’s tactics fit on one line of Party Chat. The new guy in your group should do just fine.

Mists Of Pandaria Heroic dungeons

If you’ve got any additions to our useful tactics, let us know in the comments! Please do share these guides with your friends and guildies – and if you encounter a new player who’d benefit from reading the guides, point them in this direction too.

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