Support an Indie MMO, Sandbox your WoW, and more

A quiet day today – everyone’s busy raiding, perhaps? But that gives us time to showcase a project we’re very keen on – plus more great posts:

  • We’ve been following the indie MMORPG project “Project Gorgon” by the Elder Game guys for a while, so we should mention that they’re currently running a Kickstarter to take it to the next stage“Think Asheron’s Call crossed with EverQuest crossed with NetHack.”
  • Bronte surveyed her readers, asking whether they’d advise starting Guild Wars 2 or The Secret World, and she shares the results“I received a ton of a comments, and although GW2 seemed to be winning earlier, TSW has seemed to creep up in the number of recommendations. “
  • Hunter’s Insight hates the letters you receive in Guild Wars 2 from completed Hearts, and they explain why that is“These letters could have been an opportunity to extend lore, get a good laugh, make the world seem larger than it really is. Instead they’re boring, hit all the same notes, practically form letters.”
  • Evlyxx gives us a really useful tip on how to create a “sandbox” WoW installation“Now I could have copied my entire World of Warcraft folder to a new location and it DOES work but I will show you a way that saves you space on your HDD and will save you from having to repeat the process everytime a patch hits WoW. “
  • And Lodur gives his impressions of the first couple of days’ MoP raiding under the new healing mechanics” Do not expect your healers to babysit you anymore, we can no longer heal stupid. You are responsible for your own survival as much as the healers, please accept your PSR. “

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Bloggers’ Worries About Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 looks awesome – but are there problems surfacing in the beta tests?

I think we can call it at this point – Guild Wars 2 is THE upcoming MMO, the one everyone’s excited about this summer – or indeed this year. But as the apparently endless series of beta weekends rolls on – beta has been running on GW2 in one form or another for almost five months now – the shiny newness is starting to come off a bit.

Today, we’ve got a number of bloggers with well-thought-out, real concerns about Guild Wars 2 – from its design to how it’ll be received:

  • Scary at Scary Worlds is worried by the endless series of betas, and questions whether too much large-scale beta testing could destroy anticipation for the game“We can try to rationalize why ANet is doing this and hope it is for the greater good of the game, but at this point people are starting to lose interest. With out a clear goal or a “light at the end of the tunnel”, people have nothing to look forward to.”
  • Azuriel at In An Age has some problems with GW2’s innovative new questing experience, asking if the developers are showing signs they’ll not be able to pace content“It is one thing to be given a vague motivation to go out and do random Renown (aka Heart) quests, and be satisfied. It is quite another to be following a storyline and then be constantly interrupted to complete tasks that have nothing at all to do with the storyline itself. “
  • Melmoth is bringing long-dead poet William Blake to the party, using a parody of “The Tyger” to express some displeasure at current pet AI“Leopard, leopard, dazzling white / In these dungeons scant of light, / What designer’s hand or eye / Could frame thy hopeless comedy? “
  • Chris at Level Capped is worried that GW2 might just been too different for the jaded, experienced MMORPG crowd“The thing is, no one likes to feel stupid, and after years of dedicating oneself to learning the ins and outs and mastering a singular system, having to re-wire the brain to think about roughly the same concepts in radically different ways can make a person feel stupid.”
  • And to round off, Syl at Raging Monkeys is displeased about – absolutely nothing. Indeed, her rousing chorus of praise for GW2’s “Hearts” questing system reminded me how much I’m looking forward to the game“I am reluctant to even call it “questing”, so overused is this term ever since World of Warcraft and so heavy with negative meaning. What I’ve experienced instead in GW2 is adventuring in the truest sense: being a traveler on an unknown road, inquisitive and curious, ready for chance meetings and whatever the world may present me with.”

As I said, I’m very much looking forward to GW2. Then again, I’m not playing all these betas…

Are you beta-testing GW2? And is the bloom starting to come off the rose?

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