Firelands Boss Guides: Lord Rhyolith heroic tactics

If you thought the Lord Rhyolith fight just wasn’t chaotic enough on normal mode, then you’re going to love the heroic version. If your raid is ready to tackle the Big Boy version of Lord Rhyolith, heroic tactics can be found below, in our easy guide.

Read our main guide to Lord Rhyolith tactics if you need a refresher on the basics of this fight.

Have you seen this boy?

When Rhyolith steps on a volcano in heroic mode, his armor is not outright destroyed. He loses the armor (and the buff it provides) as usual, but he will then spawn 10 pieces of Liquid Obsidium. These adds will move slowly towards Rhyolith. If they reach him, they’ll Fuse with him and restore some of his armor.

The Liquid Obsidium can be slowed, and can also be knocked back with spells such as Typhoon.

If you have enough DPS, you can simply kill these adds. If not, you’ll just need to keep them away from the boss.

Even more adds

Add control becomes very important in the heroic version of this fight. You’ll might find (particularly for the 25-man version) that you need two tanks.

Rhyolith will create 10 Fragments of Rhyolith each time, rather than 5. Sparks of Rhyolith will still be created one at a time. You’ll find this fight easier if most of your DPS are ranged rather than melee, and you’ll be relying on your ranged DPS to intelligently switch between targeting the adds and targeting Rhyolith’s legs.


In Soviet Russia, fire stands on you

The rest of the fight continues as it does in the normal mode, and you’ll still hit Phase 2 at 25%. There’s an additional enrage timer imposed on you in heroic mode: if you take more than 5 minutes to get Rhyolith to Phase 2, he’ll enter the final phase with a buff called Superheated.

Superheated increases his damage by 10%, which is bad enough, but it also increases in strength every 10 seconds. That’ll really leave a mark, so during Phase 1 it’s important to keep up the DPS on Rhyolith as well as managing the adds.

Another addition to Phase 2 is Lord Rhyolith’s use of Unleashed Flame. When he uses this ability, he’ll create beams of fire which will chase random players. Don’t get too close to them – they do AoE damage. Thankfully they don’t move very quickly, so they can be avoided by clever use of the ‘W’ key.

You’ll probably find this fight utterly chaotic the first time you attempt it, but the key lies in the balance between add control and keeping up the damage on the boss. With practice, patience and a cool head, it’s easily achievable.

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