Mists of Pandaria / WoW Patch 5.1 Quick-Start Guides for All Specs and Classes in WoW – including Monks!

It’s that time again! Yes, the Melting Pot staff have been hard at work over the last day updating all our Quick-Start Guides to be accurate for Mists of Pandaria and the latest version of WoW – plus writing up guides for Brewmaster, Windwalker and Mistweaver monks!

For anyone who’s new to our Quick-Starts: my goal is to give you the information you need to play your class well in Pandaria as quickly as possible .We’ve worked very hard to make the guides as short and simple as possible so you can spend more time playing and less time reading. If you want more hardcore information, we link to detailed posts from Serious Theorycrafters at the end of each article, but the Quick-Starts will get you 90% of the way.

Because they’re short, they’re also useful for linking to your friends, guildies, and even in LFR. Basically, anywhere someone doesn’t have the time to read and digest a full-length guide!

Here they all are, updated to Patch 5.1:



Ranged DPS

Melee DPS

If you find any errors in these guides, please do let me know on Twitter, email or by comment, and I’ll fix them!

And I’d really appreciate it if you can take the time to spread the word about these guides – they’re something very different to most guides, and a lot of people find them very helpful! Patch Day is pretty busy and loud – any help getting the word out over the noise is much appreciated.

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Tips for Finding A New Guild For Pandaria

It’s a time of new beginnings in WoW – and with that, a lot of people will be looking for a new guild. Handily, today several bloggers are offering great tips to find one!

Whether you’re looking for a new guild because your old one didn’t survive the 10 months of WoW’s inactivity very well, or because you’re looking for something new in your gameplay, a new expansion’s a prime time for jumping into a new guild. But how do you make sure you find and get into one you’ll love?

First up, Rank 4 Healing Touch has revamped their old post on guild application, which remains a complete, useful and accessible guide to avoiding guild application problems

“Spelling – I’m not going to say that typos will get your application denied up front because we all make them and not all of them are caught with a spell checker (believe me I know this first hand from my blog). Keeping your application mostly clean means you took the time to write your response in software that has a spell checker and double/triple checked your work. Avoid using any net speak or childish abbreviations like “ur” (your) or “healz” (heals).

Links – Most applications will request some form of Armory link, UI screenshot and if available a World of Logs parse. Please double check the link supplied so there is no unnecessary confusion. I have seen youtube links where a character armory link was supposed to be and while I thought it was amusing at first it didn’t help the application any.”

This guide’s definitely targeted at people applying to more serious raiding guilds, and it covers pretty much everything you could think of in a guild application on that basis. For less experienced people or those looking to play more casually, some of the sections on theorycrafting and gameplay might seem a bit intimidating – remember that not all guilds will want you to be able to do calculus in order to apply! However, even if you’re looking for a more casual guild, a lot of the advice here is very useful, and if you are looking to raid competitively, this stuff’s gold dust.

On a slightly different tack, Quori has an excellent guide to finding a guild, too – this one focused on figuring out whether you really want to be in that hardcore raiding guild before you apply!

From your personal background to your playstyle, Quori’s looking at how to avoid guild-joiner’s remorse

“This is a big deal. You should really separate out into 2 columns what are absolute inflexible NEEDS versus the things that would be nice, but not truly necessary stipulations.

If you truly NEED to be in a ranked guild, then perhaps you should also know you will need to worry about min/maxing your toon and being graded and judged on your performance.

If you NEED a casual environment, then know you cannot stir up drama by whining and complaining that no one cares about heroics.

If your socio-political views are so important to you that you wear them on your sleeve, then do not join a socially diverse guild where odds are opinions will vary along with mileage.

This last one is an important factor to consider. There is nothing wrong with being a Republican, Democrat, Atheist, Feminist, Born Again Christian, etc etc. Any label you choose to wear proudly on your sleeve is not something to cast shame or derision towards; however, perhaps you should bear that in mind when seeking a new guild.”

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the “how” of any task, and something like finding a guild’s particularly susceptible to hidden assumptions. I really like Quori’s “fun first” attitude, too – the guide’s very non-judgemental and focused on getting you to a satisfying environment to play in, even if there are some bumps on the way.

Do you have any tips for people looking for a new guild as MoP approaches?

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NOW COMPLETE: Quick-start Guides for All Specs And Classes In WoW Patch 5.04

Just a quick note for everyone – our Quick Start Guides for WoW Patch 5.04 are now complete for all 31 specs in the game.

Please do link, tweet and otherwise share them with people who might be interested! And if you find any errors, I’m very happy to hear about them – please do let me know.

I’m going to go lie down now :)

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Get started fast with WoW Patch 5.04 with our Quick-Start Guides

Yes, as usual, I’ve written up Quick-Start Guides for the latest WoW Patch – in this case, the “All change!” 5.04 patch that arrives today (or tomorrow for EU people).

These aren’t your usual EJ-style walls of text – those guides are very valuable, and I’m hugely grateful to the people who write them, but we’re doing something different.

My goal is to get you up and running with the new patch as quickly as possible, without having to read 8,000 words to get there. If you want more hardcore information, we link to detailed posts from Serious Theorycrafters at the end of each article, but the Quick-Starts will get you 90% of the way.

I know a lot of people find these useful, both for themselves in the madness of patch day and for linking to their friends, guildies, and even in LFR. Basically, anywhere someone doesn’t have the time to read and digest a full-length guide!

Here they all are:



Ranged DPS

Melee DPS

If you find any errors in these guides, please do let me know on Twitter or by comment, and I’ll fix them!

And I’d really appreciate it if you can take the time to spread the word about these guides – they’re something very different to most guides, and a lot of people find them very helpful! Patch Day is pretty busy and loud – any help getting the word out over the noise is much appreciated.

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The Compleat Guide To Trying Out Everquest Free-to-Play

I’m occasionally blown away by the detail, care and thoroughness people put into MMO-related blog posts. From Maintankadin, EJ, and other sites’ theorycrafting to enormous treatises on WoW achievements, people can really put their heart into helping others, and that just makes my day.

Today we’ve got another contender in the “truly awesome guides” category, from ECTMMO. With Everquest going Free to Play, they’ve realised a lot of newbies and old-timers will be hitting the servers. So they’ve gone above and beyond, with a truly massive and comprehensive guide to everything you’ll need to know about modern EQ

Where do I find armor? And Claim ITEMS

You’ll want to check out your /claim items. Simply type in /claim and hit enter. You should have several items that you may want to claim on your characterful or several characters. Remember, some items can only be claimed once. These items consist of mounts, house items, clicky items, among other stuff. There are lots of them and you’ll want to make sure you which you want on what character, if you have several. For instance, you wouldn’t want to claim the Scepter of Draconic calling on a caster, it would be best saved for a melee character who doesn’t have the gate ability.

In the Plane of Knowledge (PoK) are vendors that do have some quests for armor, you can find those easy enough near the soul binder. The best thing to get while leveling will be the defiant armor. This armor starts at level 10 and there is an alternate set every 10 levels all the way to level 70. It is crude, simple, rough, ornate, flawed, intricate and elaborate- DEFIANT armor. You can buy this rather cheap in the Bazaar from other players and even find it as drops in the game. There are also defiant weapons too, they come in the same brackets. There are vendors in PoK that sell other bits too, these can help as you level. There is also crafted armor, raid armor, named mobs drop things too, so keep an eye out for named and rares. The cash shop does sell defiant armor, if you’re really wanting to go that route, and perhaps you have an armor bundle in the /claim items.

Did I mention this guide was long? It’s long. It’s 9 complete page-reads on my not-tiny monitor, covering everything from finding your old server to questing and levelling to random cool fluff. It’s not the best-organised thing ever, but if you’re in its target audience you should probably read it from start to finish anyway.

And even more impressively, it actually does a pretty good job of selling the game too. By half-way through, I was seriously considering checking EQ out myself.

So, if you’re coming back to Norrath, or arriving for the first time, or you know someone who is – now you know where to go for all your questions.

Are you planning on returning to EQ, or trying it out for the first time?

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Free MMOs – are they worth it?

With WoW in pre-expansion lull, and Guild Wars 2 still in the future, now’s kind of a quiet time in MMORPG land. Perhaps it’s a good time to try out some of the lesser-known, Free to Play games out there?

Sadly, the truth is that there are so many F2P MMOs out there – and many of them have such a justifiedly bad reputation – that it’s hard to know where, if anywhere, to start. Fortunately, though, today sees two great guides to F2P MMOs – if you’ve been thinking of trying something new, these guides may be just the thing you’re looking for:

  • Lono at Screaming Monkeys has been getting a lot of questions about LoTRO, and so has put together a really useful guide, primarily answering the question how free to play is it, really?“All in all, you get content up to nearly level 30 which can easily amount to a month or two of playing and more if your into alts or if you want to complete everything a zone has to offer. Zones in Lotro are huge.”
  • And ECTmmo have written up a nice piece highlighting three lesser-known F2P games – and by “lesser-known”, I mean “I’d never heard of any of them” – that they think are well worth checking out“I can’t brag enough about Zentia. Really, I haven’t felt the need to buy anything from it unless it was cosmetic stuff, which I haven’t yet and that is just a want. For a free game it is absolutely fabulous.”

Do you have any tips on F2P games that are worth checking out?

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HOW TO: Get 9k Achievement Points in WoW

As regular readers will know, I don’t link to guides on the Pot unless they’re a) unusual subjects and b) really, really good. Well, today a lesser-known blog, Lyraat’s Life Notes, has knocked the ball out of the park with a guide to not just a class or a raid but what could potentially be your entire next year of WoW: a full guide to how to get to 9,000 achievement points, earning one of the rarest achievements in the game, “It’s Over 9,000!”.

He goes through the options category-by-category, and has designed the guide in such a way that it’s approachable for everyone , even if you don’t have a raiding guild behind you. –

“I’m not asking you to complete each and every old world zone. Only zones with fewer than 40 completed quests for the achievement are required. All other zones are optional. All Outland and Northrend zones are still required as are the Cataclysm zones. The path remains the same.

In short, work on other achievements while leveling to 58. Once at 58, head to Outland, quest, quest, quest. Once at 68, head to Northrend, quest, quest, quest. Once 80, head to the Cataclysm zones, quest, quest, quest. Ding 85.

Once at 85, you’ll have plenty to do. I suggest finishing Cataclysm Loremaster within a month after reaching 85 as all of the Cataclysm zones have phasing. Best just to be done with all that. When you have time, go back to Outland and get Outland Loremaster. Repeat for Northrend. Then, when you need things to do, knock off some of the old world zones.

Faster leveling is better than completing each zone. Once at 85 with a 310 mount, low-level zones take 60-90 minutes to complete. Don’t waste time finishing a zone when you can level faster in another. You can return to it later.”

This is a pretty massive undertaking – just like actually getting the 9k points! – and the detail and thought in this guide are impressive. It includes a full spreadsheet of all the achievements needed, as well as a step-by-step “levelling guide” taking your character from level 1 to 9k achievement. Bloody good work.

If you found this post useful, please consider sharing it!

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Let us know if we’re doin it rong!

Hey, everyone!

So, we’re in the process of spring-cleaning and improving a lot of things around here, ready for the big Patch 4.3 / TOR / Isengard onslaught later in the year, and one of the things I’m looking at right now are the WoW Patch 4.2 Quick Start Guides .

They were correct to the current state of theorycrafting when they went up, but three months later the ‘craft has moved on, and we’re going through and updating them (and also fixing a few things like formatting errors and lack of enchant lists).

So, if you have five minutes, a reasonable (or better – I know some of our readers are hardcore on the theorycraft) grasp of your class or classes’ theorycrafting, and fancy helping us out, would you mind taking a quick look at the appropriate Quick-Start Guide and letting us know anything we’ve gotten wrong or inaccurate?

Remember, these are meant to be quick guides, not EJ-style walls-o-text, so if we’ve come down hard on a complex issue or simplified a bit, that’s probably why. But if we’ve got it Just Damn Wrong (and I know we have in a few places already, so there’s probably more), or indeed if you think our recommendations could be better, let us know, either on the guides or in the comments below (or just send us an email – our address is mmomeltingpot at gmail d_o_t com).

Thanks very much – it’s greatly appreciated!

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New ways to follow guides and more URLs on the Pot

Hey, everyone!

So, I’ve been hearing from a couple of people that they’d like to have a better way to follow the MMO Melting Pot guides that we’re posting at the moment (down on the bottom right).

So, we’re going to try a couple of new services and see how they work out!

First up, we’re posting on Amplify.com. I’m not 100% certain about it yet – it seems kinda spammy in places and it’s very slow, but it is a really nice tool for quick microblogging. We’ll be posting clips from bits and pieces we find on the Web, including stuff that doesn’t quite make the cut for the main feature on the day, and we’ll also be linking all the guides from that. You can find us at http://mmomeltingpot.amplify.com there.

At the same time, we’re also going to be Twittering that info (follow @MMOMeltingPot.

And we’ve set up a new Del.Icio.Us feed for just these bits and the guides – you can subscribe to that if you’re a Del.Icio.Us user, or if you just want the guides, you can find them under our Pot Guides tag there.

Hope you all find that helpful! If there’s any other service you’d like to see us getting our Social Media on, erm, on, let us know!

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Your one-stop post for all specs and classes in WoW Patch 4.3

Ok, I have had a busy week. And I’m about ready to collapse.

Why? Well, usually when a big patch comes out we at the Melting Pot do a roundup of guides for each class and spec. And frankly, it’s a bit of a nightmare. Some are better than others. Some guides are outdated, or hard to read, or about a million words long (Elitist Jerks, I’m looking at you). And for some poor specs, there just isn’t anything, no matter how hard we scour.

So this week I’ve had a rather ambitious project. To write up a Quick Start guide for each and every spec in the game, updated to Patch 4.2.

And I’m extremely proud, and rather exhausted, to say I’ve now achieved it.




These guides aren’t meant to be detailed discussions a la Elitist Jerks – they include links at the end to more detailed guides as I found them. But they’re meant to be a quick start go get you up and running after the patch, or after a spec change, or with a new character.

Obviously, there are going to be typos, mistakes, and so on. I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know about those in the comments for each article if you find them!

If you think these are useful guides, please do share them via links, blogs, Twitter and so on!

Ok, enjoy! I’m going to go collapse now.

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