CALL FOR GUEST POSTS: Post From The Future!

Hey, everyone!

So, I’m taking some time off next week to prepare for the MMOcalypse ahead (not to mention crunch time on my new film), and whilst Johnnie will be covering some of that time, it’d still be cool to feature some guest posts whilst I’m away!

And in light of how fast things are changing, I’ve got a really fun topic in mind for this one.

We’re looking for posts. About MMOs. From the future.

Yep – what I’d love to do next week is to feature some MMO futurism! So, if you fancy channeling your future self and writing us a post about the challenges, joys, trials and tribulations they’re experiencing – whether in MMOs in 2017 or 2070 – let me know!

We’d need posts for their publication time next week – ideally by the end of this weekend, but failing that by midweek at the latest.

This will be first-come, first served, so if you’re interested, let me know now, either by email at mmo melting pot at gmail dot com or via the comments!

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Ow. Plus, guest post week next week!

Two short announcements today – one happy, one (ow, ow) not so much :)

The happy – I’m off on holiday for a week next week, so we’ve got a week of guest posts for you! Some of the most interesting and entertaining bloggers in the community will be sharing some of their favourite links and blog posts with you – should be a great week.

The less happy news – there will be slightly less posts than usual today. Unfortunately, apparently sensing the incoming holiday, at about 12:30am this morning my neck and right shoulder decided to lock up solid. I’m slowly physiotherapising them (it’s a word) back to health, but unfortunately it means that my writing capacity is a little more limited today whilst I let them heal.

Nonetheless, we will still have two posts today – enjoy, and see you in a week!

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Call for guest posts – fancy stirring the Pot for a day?

I’m going on holiday next week. Nothing fancy, but I’m going to be spending most of it unplugged from the Interwebs with my girlfriend, and the remainder actually getting a chance to play things rather than write about them!

So, for next week we’ll be featuring guest posts – and if you’d like to write one, please let us know!

I’m looking for posts in line with the Pot’s usual theme of showcasing the best of the blogosphere – so, if there’s a discussion you think has been going unnoticed, some great posts you’d like to share with people, or some blogs you’d like to highlight, now’s your chance.

We don’t mind if you’re featuring posts we’ve talked about before or things that are new to us – it’s great to get a fresh voice either way. The posts don’t have to be long, but they can be if you like.

And, of course, we’ll feature a byline about your own blog and a link to it, if you have one.

So, if you’d like to take the chance to let the community know about some stuff you think is important, discussion-worthy or just really cool, now’s your chance!

Let us know in the comments below, via Twitter, or via email to mmomeltingpot at gmail dot com if you’d like to write us a guest post.

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Setting The Pot To Stu- no, wait, simmer

Hey folks!

Quick note/reminder just to say that we’re off for about a week as of today, as we’re visiting family. We’ll be back on Tuesday ish the 17th. Hope you all have a grand week! In the meantime we have a couple of guest posts scheduled to go up and Hugh might sneak a post or so up (can’t keep him away from the blogroll I tell you), so keep your eyes on the Pot anyhow.

If you were thinking you might like to submit a guest post, you’re most welcome to still – I will still be watching the Pot’s email, although won’t be able to respond to very much while away.

Otherwise, I leave you with some shiny news. Our friends over in the Rift camp have let us know some particularly happifying (it’s a word now) news – two things in fact.

First off they’re launching Rift’s free trial service! So, if you’ve been looking at Rift and going “ooh err, not sure, looks good but my wallet says otherwise” then head on over here for a 7 day free trial of Rift. It’s a great idea – I didn’t realise they hadn’t done it yet, but now seems the perfect time for a free trial to launch. And well worth looking in to to, my faerie pet’s still alive and well after being named by you lot a few weeks ago!

Secondly, if you already play Rift and want to get your friends involved, they’re launching the Ascend-A-Friend scheme, which allows you to rope your friends into Telara for 7 days for free. Yep, you guessed it, if you do bring some friends along and they then subscribe, you get shinies. Including a pony.

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Call For Guest Posts

Hello! I have a proposition for you.  I’m heading away for a couple of days next weekend, travelling deep into the wilderness of Britain’s roads and byways. Trust me, there may not be many trees but some of the behaviour I’ve seen out there Between Cities is pretty wild.

So, there will be some driving on Friday and Monday around next weekend, and cars don’t really mix well with blogging. I don’t think the other drivers or my passenger would appreciate me trying to mix them anyway.

Last time I went away, a few weeks ago, I was unexpectedly away slightly longer and didn’t link any posts for you guys for an extra day.

I’d like to avoid a repeat of that, so this time I’m wondering if you would like to contribute a guest post. It’d really help us cover the Pot (and y’know, not crash, were i to get the blogging bug), give everyone something interesting to read, and mayhap you’ll enjoy it too.

  • How many do you need?

With any luck I will have one feature post ready for Friday. That means the Pot will be short 3-5 posts in total, Friday and Monday, ‘cos we don’t usually post at the weekend. Though we could as a one off, depending how many submissions we get. I have no idea how popular this callout will be – I’m not daring to think we’ll get many (or any!) necessarily and if we don’t that weekend will be a bit dry for posts I’m afraid. But on the chance we get lots of guest post volunteers, I’ll have to close submissions early. I’ll post again about this when it happens.

  • How do I contribute?

If you’re interested in guest posting, drop me a line in the comments below, using the contact form, facebook or twitter, and we confer about it. I may even have cookies ready. All told, I’ll need guest posts done and ready to go at the latest by next Thursday 14th, 4 pm PST/midnight BST so that I can schedule them before I head off.

  • What sort of post?

Up to you. Here are some ideas, and I’m open to others if you chat to me about what you want to do:

  • Ye olde MMO Melting Pot style – link to a blog post you find interesting. Tell people what it’s about and why you think they want to read it
  • Got a blog yourself? Cool, maybe do a roundup of your own best posts. I’ll be doing a single-blog best post roundup early next week to get this idea rolling as a proper feature, so following up with your own blog is an option.
  • Traditional post – got something you want to write about but haven’t yet? Your own opinion rather than a link post? Feel free to write it up and use it as a guest post, it’ll go up as a feature
  • Addon roundup – have we not been featuring addons you think are crucial? Let everyone know what we’re missing. It’ll go up as an installment of the “Fresh Brew” addon series.

Hope to hear from you, and thanks for reading, guys!

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