WoW LGBT Pride, EULAs and Personal Stories

And finally for the week, a selection of interesting posts that didn’t fit into the main day’s topics!

  • The Lorehound brings news of an LGBT/Gay Pride event happening on the WoW Proudmoore server tomorrow Saturday June 16th – very cool.
  • Doone at T.R. Redskies looks at the several lawsuits Blizzard are facing over Diablo 3’s online problems, and asks if Blizzard have really gone too far this time“Games isn’t going to be the industry that reverses history on DRM. It will simply crash and burn on it like the others did while we, the gamers, get crap products and poor service. And as is the case with Diablo 3, we may not even get that.”
  • Vrykerion has a simple, pictorial response to anyone saying that SWTOR needs its outfits to look more like classic Star Wars“Yea. Operation after operation to get what amounts to roughly the same outfit over and over with varying shades of brown or black.”
  • And Dulfy writes a lengthy piece with a lot of useful info on the difference in storytelling styles between SWTOR and Guild Wars 2’s “Personal Stories”“GW2’s story is not exactly predefined. All the characters get a chance to fight the main antagonist at the end but how you arrive at that is molded by the choices you made at character creation and the choices you make later on as you journey further into the story. Put it another way, you can take two human Mesmers and there is a good chance that they each have a totally different personal story. “

See you all next week, and enjoy!

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