Mage Levelling Tips (part 1)

So you’re levelling a mage but want some tips on the basics? No worries. We’ve got you covered in a two-part series taking you through ten tips on how to level mages in WoW. The second post even has a further reading section. We’ll have you up and running as the next archmage before you know it.

  1. Organisation. Decide which of the mage talent trees you’re taking. Then lay spells that you will use as part of that talent tree out in casting order in your toolbar. Put the spells you’ll use most in slots 1-5 so you know where to find them in a pinch. As your mage levels you’ll become so accustomed to where your spells are that casting them is automatic. You may get more spells you’ll use frequently, later.
  2. Blink is your friend. It’ll remove stun and snare effects from you. It will also transport you a safe distance from enemies in melee range. Be careful to check the direction you’re blinking (you will move in the direction you’re facing) – you don’t want to blink into extra enemies.
  3. Keep your enemy at maximum range. This is important if you’re questing or in a dungeon because it’s important to minimise the damage you take: the nearer the monster you are, the more things that might go wrong. Some monsters, for example, may do aoe damage to everything near it even if you’re not its target. Frost nova will help enemies stay away while you’re questing.
  4. Recognise healing monsters. Monsters who can cast spells will have a castbar below their picture. Watch it. Over time you’ll start recognising that when the monster casts certain spells their health replenishes. Look out for those spells (and others that sound similar) and when it casts, stop whatever you’re casting and use Counterspell to stop it. This is a useful mage levelling tip for dungeons as well as questing.
  5. Don’t get taken by surprise. If you’re questing to level your mage, watch out for extra monsters wandering close. Watch out for players from the opposite faction who may try to engage in fights with you. Remember that players can fly everywhere now so watch the sky.

_L__ike this? Want more tips on mage levelling? See the second part here. Or if you want more in depth further reading on mage levelling just let me know in the comments!



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