Friday Feedback – Needs You (or: One Post You Can Be Sure Isn’t An April Fools)

Friday. What better day than this to settle down, break out the cookies and have a chat? This is no April Fool’s, rest easy. It’s been a while since I’ve run a Friday Feedback post and I want to tell you a couple ofthings that are going on because I’m pretty damn excited. I also would like your thoughts on a few specific topics to see how things here are looking for you guys. So, grab a cookie or three (the mages made them fresh this morning). I’m going to split this into two lists of things that are just plain cool beans I want to share with you, and then things I’d like feedback on if you’ve got a mo.

Things of coolness:

  • Piggies – We all know Larisa’s quit blogging. Sadface! But what about the piggie blogging awards she ran yearly? Well, since she’s quitting the Piggies looked to be ending, but she’s given us the honour of carrying them on. I’m touched that she’d let us take over something so dear to her – and so  in respect of that we’ll be doing them in the same format Larisa did them, complete with piggie award pictures. They’re not due for a good few months now but watch out for them. Of course, if Larisa ever comes back we’ll hand them straight back over 😉
  • Product reviews – we’ve got a couple more product reviews cooking up. We started doing them a few weeks ago with Garona’s rogue guide (which was honestly awesome), and are looking to test out a few different things to see if we find anything that might really suit you folks. No spoilers just yet on what’s already planned but if you’ve got anything you’ve been thinknig of getting and want guinea pigs to test it first, let us know and we’ll try to get hold of it. The ones we’ve got planned will start appearing as soon as we have a little more time – expect one from me the week after next, and one from Hugh… when his film and businesses are less busy. We do swear to be 100% honest with them – they won’t be “go buy thiz is awesum luls”. If they’re good, bad or heinously awful, we’ll let you know.

Your turn – what do you_ think on…_

  • Article length/format – the Pot seems to have naturally gravitated towards an article length of roughly 300 words. Does that work for you or would you prefer longer/shorter/more of a mixture? No promises either way, I’d just like to get a feel for how the posts work for you guys now and whether there’s anything that’d encourage you to read more?
  • Idea – one liners. Sometimes I come across too many posts to feature in a day. If that happens again, I’m considering featuring any extra posts in real quick one liners in between the usual 2-3 posts per day. One liners would be enough to give extra posts a bit of a spotlight and an introduction for you readers, but wouldn’t give much detail beyond “this is awesome, go read it to find out more”. I think it’d give you guys more variety. What do you think about this?
  • Community – meaning both bloggers and non-bloggers. The blogger map went live and seemed to be popular (there’s room for more bloggers too), and competitions are turning into a fun thing to run too. The new blog roundups also seem to be useful. I’m working on a few new ideas to increase the site’s usefulness for everyone – bloggers and non-bloggere – as everyone’s part of the community and welcome to join in. So while I’m thinking and working on some stuff already, is there anything you really want to see on the site? Forums, extra/different spotlights (on guilds, players, addon developers..), more/less twitter/facebook useage, etc?
  • Feature game variety – our mission statement has always been to cover the MMOsphere, not just a particular game, though our posting structure is dictated to some extent by the proportion of blogs each game has. We’re very slowly mixing in some posts about other games, working towards our goal. That goal isn’t set to change in the short term but I’d like to keep tabs on how featuring a variety of games is going down with you guys?

That’s it for now. I’d really appreciate your feedback, whoever you are, on as much or as little as you’re comfortable to give. Alternatively, if you don’t want to answer any of those specific questions (though it’d be really helpful if you did) feel free to just highlight anything we’ve done recently that’s really worked for you. Anything goes – so long as it’s constructive! Well, hope to hear from you, and otherwise have a great weekend!

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Fortnightly Feedback: Winter Cleaning

I’d like to say Spring cleaning, but I’m looking out my window right now and … yeap. That there ain’t Spring, not by a long shot. Though it being Winter does have some advantages – Cataclysm’s coming. So close we can almost feel it, right? At least our characters will be toasty warm.

Anyway, I wanted to take a brief pause to sit down, share out the cookies and have a catch up with you guys. From my side of things I just wanted to say that the next couple of days will be fairly quiet here at MMO Melting Pot. Nothing bad, and no we’re really not going anywhere or fading into the background like a cat who’s just left a ‘present’ in the hall (can you guess our cat isn’t in our good books this week?)

No, things will be quiet only on Friday and Monday. Why? Just because Cataclysm is coming. We’re going to be sprucing the site up a bit, polishing off some loose edges ready for the fresh start of a new expansion. Hugh and I are also taking the opportunity to take a couple of days off together before the expansion hits and the blogosphere’s swept away in awe. Who’re we kidding… we’re also taking a couple of days off before Cataclysm hits and our sleeping pattern is swept away.

So. We’ll be back Cataclysm’ed up, in full swing and fully awake posting good stuff from around the MMO blgosophere for you on Tuesday, so long as there’s good stuff to post and the blogosphere hasn’t just settled into the hushed silence of people feverishly engaged in something like, say, playing. I hope we see you then!

But for now I’d just like to leave you a request.

It’s a long time since we’ve asked for feedback. The (near) eve of Cataclysm is a great time to do that. So – what do you think of us as a site? Constructive criticism, suggestions, things you’d like to see – all welcome. As are thoughts on what you think we’re doing well.

If you’re stuck on what to say, here are some ideas:

  • We’re about to start working on getting the facebook page and twitter feed be more useful for you. But do you have any ideas on what would make them more interesting to you?
  • We’re working on updating the blogroll. It’s getting quite long in places. Do you think it’s fine as is or would you prefer it more organised – how?
  • What would make you share/retweet/facebook/reddit articles more to help share the love?

You don’t have to answer all of that. Or any of it. Just some ideas – or feel free to bring up other stuff that comes to mind. I’ll be about over the next few days, even while the site’s quiet and being shuffled about, so will be able to respond. So poke us about this any way you like – in the comments, via the contact form or on twitter. Hope to hear from you. Until then, we hope you have a great time over your last unCataclysmic weekend!

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Fortnightly Feedback #3 – Before I Go Find The Moonbeams…

This ‘ere fortnightly post is us actively checking in on what you think of MMO Melting Pot; if there’s anything you’d like to see more of, less of, plain changed, or generally what you like/dislike. We don’t promise to act on your opinions right away but we do want to hear em and might well take them on board so long as they’re constructive!

Things look good from our end. We’re thoroughly enjoying reading blogs at the moment. We’re sticking to two or three posts a day so you don’t get bogged down in twenty posts daily, but sometimes it’s hard to pick just two or three things to feature, which is great.

On the advertising side we’re keeping an eye on our ads for goldsellers that need removing. We’re also looking for related websites to throw a hail at, just to let them know we’re around and spread the word. Give us a shout if you have any brainwaves for sites we should introduce ourselves to. We promise to be nice, maybe even provide cookies. ****

Now, I’m on holiday next week, doing holiday things … ‘Long baths. Braid my beard. Unbraid it. Lie around, fondling moonbeams, being a lord of leisure’ as Manny Bianco would say.

Except the beard part.

MMO Melting Pot will run just the same in my absence: I’m leaving you in Hugh and Johnnie’s hands. While there may not be as many posts next week they will be posting, and you can still contact us just the same as usual with responses to posts, questions, suggestions or constructive criticism.

But before I go find the moonbeamshow’s MMO Melting Pot doing for you?

Feel free to answer that any way you want. If something’s popped into your mind during the past couple of weeks and you’ve thought “must say X to the folks at Melting Pot” but never found the right moment, now’s a good time. Or, if it helps, perhaps think about how you feel about these topics:

  • Are there any topics you think we’re covering too much, or not enough?
  • Are there any sites we’re glaringly obviously missing from our blogroll, or not featuring, that you think we should be?
  • Are there any better ways you think we could interact with you, and help you interact with other readers? I’m thinking about methods of communication that you might use day-to-day, like twitter or the comment section, for example. Are there any new ways we could implement, or any way we can improve the existing ways to interact?

Looking forward to hearing how things look to you, and have a great week! Feel free to help us out on the goldsellers too – let us some details of any you spot cropping up on the site so we can get rid of them.

See you in a few days, although I suspect you might find me skulking around in the comments area like a lost puppy next week anyway.

_Quote taken from Black Books season 2, The Entertainer, found at

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Fortnightly Feedback #2: Do We Have Time For Icecream?

This ‘ere fortnightly post is us actively checking in on what you think of MMO Melting Pot; if there’s anything you’d like to see more of, less of, plain changed, or generally what you like/dislike. We don’t promise to act on your opinions right away but we do want to hear em and might well take them on board so long as they’re constructive!

What a couple of weeks. MMO Melting Pot’s now been going three weeks and has been plagued by various technical issues, blessed with the freedom to play with post styles and site layout, and been lucky with some really interesting posts cropping up around the blogosphere for us to link. All signs of a healthy site I reckon.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who’s been giving us feedback and requests on what would make the site better for them, especially Pewter, Larissa, and Jaedia. And Ecclesiastical Discipline for keeping up a riposte on the last fortnightly feedback.

But what about you, how are you feeling about the Pot? I can’t say enough – we’re up for listening to your ideas. Things can always improve. Let’s get your feedback muses stirring with our first poll right here.

[poll id=”3″]

Here are a few extra questions. Just ‘cos I want to know what you’re thinking. Feel free to answer these or bring up anything else that’s bugging you, so long as it’s constructive!

  • Do you feel comfortable commenting on posts or is there something we can do (like maybe removing Disqus comments system?) to make you more comfortable entering a dialogue on the site?
  • Would you recommend this site to friends, and if not, what can we do to change that?

So it’s Friday. Go get yourselves an ice cream. But let us know – do we have time to do the same?

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