Raiding: Now With 100% More Flex

It’s “honking big announcements” time in the WoW world once again, as Blizzard unveils what’s coming up in the new patch. Some of it – like the new “Virtual Realm” idea – is still a bit too fresh to have many reactions out yet, but one announcement from last week has set off massive waves.

That’s the announcement that WoW is getting another – yes, another – way to raid: the “Flex Raid”, which will accomodate any number of players from 10 to 25 and adjust accordingly.

Some people think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Some people would much prefer cheap Wonderloaf. Let’s go to the reactions:

  • Kurn’s back, and she writes a very thorough post looking at the problems (how exactly will raids scale? And will hardcore raiders now have to raid 3 raids a week?) and the advantages (Achievements, amongst other things) of flex raiding. Read The Flexible Raiding Conundrum
  • Keen thinks that this is a wonderful idea that all MMOs should adopt – after all, why should you be forced to only have 10 friends? Read All Raids Should Be Flexible
  • Saxsy thinks the devil’s in the details – she’s concerned about hardcore raiders having to raid too much, but very happy that the flex system will put the “MM” back in “MMO”. Read /flex
  • The Godmother sees the “hardcore” dilemma as another choice issue, similar to LFR, and thinks that Flex Raiding will be a boon for casual raiders. Read The Choice Is Yours
  • Typhoon Andrew fiercely disagrees that the Flex Raiding system will replace LFR – read Flex Raids In 5.4 And LFR Is Apparently Killing WoW
  • And Big Bear Butt has no time for people who complain about how the game has changed – read We All Want To Be Special

BTW, as you can see, I’m trying a new way of showcasing posts here, with no quotes but more info and the title bloggers have chosen. I’d be really interested to hear whether you prefer this to the old version, as I know people sometimes get annoyed by my choices of quote!

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