Firelands Boss Guides: Lord Rhyolith heroic tactics

If you thought the Lord Rhyolith fight just wasn’t chaotic enough on normal mode, then you’re going to love the heroic version. If your raid is ready to tackle the Big Boy version of Lord Rhyolith, heroic tactics can be found below, in our easy guide.

Read our main guide to Lord Rhyolith tactics if you need a refresher on the basics of this fight.

Have you seen this boy?

When Rhyolith steps on a volcano in heroic mode, his armor is not outright destroyed. He loses the armor (and the buff it provides) as usual, but he will then spawn 10 pieces of Liquid Obsidium. These adds will move slowly towards Rhyolith. If they reach him, they’ll Fuse with him and restore some of his armor.

The Liquid Obsidium can be slowed, and can also be knocked back with spells such as Typhoon.

If you have enough DPS, you can simply kill these adds. If not, you’ll just need to keep them away from the boss.

Even more adds

Add control becomes very important in the heroic version of this fight. You’ll might find (particularly for the 25-man version) that you need two tanks.

Rhyolith will create 10 Fragments of Rhyolith each time, rather than 5. Sparks of Rhyolith will still be created one at a time. You’ll find this fight easier if most of your DPS are ranged rather than melee, and you’ll be relying on your ranged DPS to intelligently switch between targeting the adds and targeting Rhyolith’s legs.


In Soviet Russia, fire stands on you

The rest of the fight continues as it does in the normal mode, and you’ll still hit Phase 2 at 25%. There’s an additional enrage timer imposed on you in heroic mode: if you take more than 5 minutes to get Rhyolith to Phase 2, he’ll enter the final phase with a buff called Superheated.

Superheated increases his damage by 10%, which is bad enough, but it also increases in strength every 10 seconds. That’ll really leave a mark, so during Phase 1 it’s important to keep up the DPS on Rhyolith as well as managing the adds.

Another addition to Phase 2 is Lord Rhyolith’s use of Unleashed Flame. When he uses this ability, he’ll create beams of fire which will chase random players. Don’t get too close to them – they do AoE damage. Thankfully they don’t move very quickly, so they can be avoided by clever use of the ‘W’ key.

You’ll probably find this fight utterly chaotic the first time you attempt it, but the key lies in the balance between add control and keeping up the damage on the boss. With practice, patience and a cool head, it’s easily achievable.

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Firelands Boss Guides – Beth’tilac Tactics

Beth’tilac is a huge, fiery spider, and one of the first bosses your raid will encounter in the Firelands raid. A love of killing spiders will only getting you so far when fighting Beth’tilac – tactics are what you need. Never fear: we’ve got the strategy in our handy guide.

Setup and initial positioning

The Beth’tilac fight will require you to split your raid into two teams. It’s rather like The Apprentice, only with (hopefully) more general competance.

Team Ground will be staying on the ground level and dealing with the adds that spawn during the fight. Team Web will be moving up to Beth’tilac’s web, suspended above the ground level, to get some action on Beth’tilac herself.

The precise division of raid members to each group will depend on how many players you need in Team Ground, but a good default setup is:

  • For a 10-man raid, Team Ground should consist of 1 tank, 2 healers, and 3 DPS. Team Web will therefore consist of 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 DPS.
  • For a 25-man raid, Team Ground should consist of 5 healers, 1 tank and 9-10 DPS, leaving Team Web made up of 1 tank, 1 or 2 healers and the rest of your DPS.

You should drop three raid markers on the ground level – one for each corner of the room except for the south west corner. Team Ground‘s DPS specialists will need those markers when Cinderweb Spiderlings start to appear (take a look at our guide to Beth’tilac as Ranged DPS for full details).

You might not be able to quite reach each corner to drop raid markers before the fight starts. If that’s the case, make sure to assign someone from Team Ground to drop the markers right after the pull.

Team Ground should position themselves in the south-west corner (although Team Ground healers may wish to stand right in the center of the room). Team Web will be making their collective way up to the web level as soon as they’re able.

As soon as the fight starts, Beth’tilac will run away like the cowardly shifty spider she is. She’ll go lurk on the web level and start throwing AoE damage down onto the entire raid, in the form of Venom Rain. This can really do some damage, so it’s important to get Team Web right up in her face as soon as possible.

When the fight starts, Smolderweb Spinners will start to spawn. Initially they’ll appear suspended from the base of Beth’tilac’s web, so get your tanks (and any other players who have taunt abilities) to start taunting them down to the ground.

A dead Spinner will leave behind a spider’s thread (which takes the form of a thin red line leading from the corpse to the web level). These threads are vehicles, and you can use them to move from the ground level to the web level. Each thread is only good for a single use.

As soon as the first thread appears, your main tank should use it to get up to the web level. The Team Web healer should follow on the next thread, then the rest of the Team Web.


Go Team Web!

Once you’ve all made it to the web level, the only mob Team Web have to worry about is Beth’tilac herself. Watch out for Meteor Burn, during which Beth’tilac drops flaming meteors onto random spots on the web. Each meteor is preceeded by an indicator in the form of a fiery orange circle on the ground, which you should be sure to dodge. Check out our Beth’tilac melee DPS guide for full details of the Team Web tasklist.

Beth’tilac has an energy bar (Fire Energy) which slowly depletes throughout the fight. Once it hits zero, she’ll begin to cast Smoldering Devastation which will kill any players on the web level stone cold dead. It’s an 8-second cast, so take the opportunity as soon as you see it coming to jump down the hole in the middle of Beth’tilac’s web and go join Team Ground for a moment.

Once Smoldering Devastation has finished, Cinderweb Spinners will once again start to spawn. Kill them, steal their threads, and get back up to the web level.

Go Team Ground!

There’s no need to deal with Beth’tilac if you’re on the ground during the first fight, but sadly you’ll have a whole sackful of additional nasty spiders to manage instead. There are three types of add: Cinderweb Spinners, which you’ve already seen at the very start of the fight, Cinderweb Drones and Cinderweb Spiderlings.

Cinderweb Spinners should be taunted and DPS’ed as soon as they appear. Killing them gives access to spider’s threads to get Team Web up where they belong. Watch out for the webs that Spinners occasionally throw out. Once a player becomes encased in a web, she’ll be unable to perform any action until she’s freed.

Cinderweb Drones should be tanked by the Team Ground tank, and faced away from the rest of the raid in order to avoid their nasty cone attack. Drones have energy bars just like Beth’tilac, so be sure to kill them before their energy reaches zero. If that happens, they’ll head up to the web level and leech some energy from Beth’tilac, reducing the time until the next Smoldering Devastation is cast.

Cinderweb Spiderlings can – and should – be slowed, then DPS’ed into spidery oblivion. If a Spiderling reaches a Drone, the Drone will consume the Spiderling and be healed. Beth’tilac will also eat any Spiderlings that get within range of her at the start of Phase 2 (healing her for 10% for each spider).

To get a detailed breakdown of exactly what Team Ground should be doing, read our guide to killing Beth’tilac as ranged DPS.

Phase 2

In the absence of a really big drinking glass and a piece of card the size of a house, your only option is to kill the spider. A rolled-up newspaper isn’t going to do the trick here – you’re going to have to hit her with everything you’ve got.

Phase 2 comes after Beth’tilac has done Smoldering Devastation 3 times. At this point Team Web should have brought her down to about 75% health. Beth’tilac will descend from the web level to the ground level. The entire raid should now be on the ground level and ready to bring the pain. Everybody except the tanks should stack up behind the boss. The tanks need to spread out in order not to throw AoE damage onto the rest of the raid – see our guide to tanking Beth’tilac and, if necessary, healing Beth’tilac.

The first priority when Phase 2 starts is to finish off any remaining adds. Once they’re gone, you can burn down Beth’tilac with extreme prejudice. Her damage will slowly increase over time, effectively providing a soft enrage.

She also casts a debuff on the main tank, called The Widows’s Kiss. This is a stacking debuff which gradually reduces the amount of healing the target can receive, until the tank can barely be healed at all. The main tank and off-tank should tankswap every 20 seconds to allow the debuff to expire.

The key to this fight is getting the correct balance between Team Web and Team Ground. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations if your raid isn’t managing the fight as well as you’d hope. Once you’ve cracked the balance, and each team knows their role, that big spider will be curled up in a ball ready to wash down the plughole before you know it.

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Firelands Boss Guides – Shannox tactics

Welcome to the Firelands! It’s full of fire. You probably shouldn’t stand in it. The initial few bosses of the Firelands raid can be killed in any order, but the first one most raids attempt is Shannox. Tactics for this big bully and his fiery pets are simple, once you’ve got the hang of the fight mechanics.

Here’s our top tips guide to killing Shannox … and his little dawgs too.


Shannox patrols throughout the middle area of the raid, with his two dogs Riplimb and Rageface. Before pulling Shannox, you should clear all the trash around the central area of the map.

You’ll need two tanks for this fight; one for Shannox and one for Riplimb. Rageface can’t be tanked – he’ll attack raid members at random, and generally cause a nuisance.

Things not to stand in

Shannox will regularly drop traps on the ground. These should be avoided at all costs. There are two types of trap – _Immolation Trap_s and _Crystal Fire Trap_s. Importantly, Shannox is not a very considerate pet owner, so his traps can (and will) affect Riplimb and Rageface as well as affecting players. Each trap will only affect one player (or dog), so once triggered will do no further damage.

_Immolation Trap_s cause fire damage. _Crystal Prison Trap_s encase their target in a crystal block, rendering the target incapable of performing any action until freed. If a raid member accidentally becomes trapped, DPS should switch to free them. The crystal prisons have a high health pool, so it’ll take several seconds of sustained DPS to destroy them.

Shannox will also regularly throw his spear to somewhere near Riplimb. Any player caught by the spear when it lands will be killed outright, so be sure to move away as soon as you see the indicator appear. It takes the form of a big red circle on the ground, and it’s easy to spot.

Once the spear throw has gone off, the ground will be covered with lots of little fiery explosions. They appear in a spiral pattern emanating from where the spear landed. Make sure not to be standing on them. Note that they don’t have any AoE effect, so there’s no need to move away from the spiral completely, just be sure not to be standing directly on one of the small fires.


Playing dog-catcher

The sight of Shannox’s spear flying over his head is too much for Riplimb, and his doggie instincts take over. He’ll stop what he’s doing to chase the stick, grabbing it in his mouth and running back to Shannox to return it. You should spoil Riplimb’s fun by trapping him in a Crystal Prison Trap, thereby allowing your tanks a precious few seconds’ relief from the Ragged Tear debuff that both Shannox and Riplimb apply. Check out our detailed guide to tanking Shannox for more information.

Balancing act

Your eventual aim is to kill both dogs at roughly the same time. To complicate matters even further, you need to do this when Shannox is at about 35% health. Have your DPS switch targets if necessary to balance it out.

If Shannox dies before the dogs, the dogs will enrage and wipe the raid. If the dogs die before Shannox, Shannox will also enrage – but this at least is just about manageable. Each doggie death will give Shannox a 30% boost to his damage and a 30% boost to his attack speed – he really loved those dogs. Once the dogs are dead the fight becomes a classic burn phase – DPS hard, and let your tanks and healers cycle mitigation cooldowns to keep the tanks alive. Obviously, this is the time to call for Heroism/Bloodlust/Timewarp.

Dealing with Rageface

Rageface is one of those annoying, yappy dogs that runs round the room wanting to make friends with everyone. Once Rageface has picked his target the only way to distract him is giving him a firm, hard smack on the nose. In this case, the smack needs to take the form of a 30k crit. Unless and until Rageface receives 30,000 points of damage from a single blow, he’ll continue to maul the poor unfortunate soul he’s targeted. Luckily, while he’s doing so he gains a debuff which makes each shot that lands on him much more likely to be a critical.


The two keys to this fight are ensuring that all raid members avoid the various nasties on the floor, and making sure that your tanks manage to drop their stacks of Ragged Tear regularly. Once you’ve got those two tricks mastered, the fight becomes quite an easy one.

Why not check out our dedicated guides for Shannox melee DPS, Shannox as ranged DPS and healing Shannox?

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