Druid cat DPS stats, glyphs and gems {Cataclysm}

This guide is outdated! To get the latest on how to play a cat druid in Patch 4.2, including glyphs, rotation, gems and reforging, check our new 4.2 guide out!


I know how it is. You’ve just used Cat Form and while your DPS kitty form might look very nice, you haven’t got a clue how to make your cat do lots of DPS. Well, ponder no more. There are some practical things you can look at to help you get your kitty right in more ways than just the fur colour.

If you’re not sure on at DPS stats, feral cat glyphs or druid cat DPS gems, relax. We’ve put it all in one simple article so you have time to fit in a catnap.

I want to do more damage as a feral cat! What is a druid cat’s stat priority list…?

  • Weapon DPS > agility > strength > mastery > crit rating > haste
  • If you’re raiding, stack hit rating up to 961 and expertise to 781 then stack other stats
  • Weapon DPS = your weapon’s DPS, not speed, now contributes to how much damage you do. Look for weapons with a high DPS value.

…And what stat should I gem/reforge for as a feral cat?

  • First you need to be hit and expertise capped. To achieve that you need 246 hit rating and 200 expertise rating (26 expertise). You can achieve these either with gems, reforging or a mix of both.
  • If you are capped then priotise GEMMING agility with Delicate Inferno Ruby. In yellow and blue sockets look for gems that combine Agility with Mastery or Strength.
  • If you are capped then REFORGE spare hit, expertise, and haste into Mastery stat.

What glyphs should I get for a cat druid?

Prime glyphs:

Glyph of RipGlyph of Shred —  Glyph of Tiger’s Fury

Major glyphs:

Glyph of Faerie Fire. After that your choice, though Glyph of Feral Charge is generally shiny and Glyph of Rebirth is good for utility.

Minor glyphs:

The recommended ones are:

Glyph of Unburdened RebirthGlyph of the WildGlyph of Dash

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