Voted: The top 20 most wanted MMO features

Everyone has a wishlist. But what rises to the top?

Machination had an interesting idea – to trawl through some of the biggest “mmo wishlist” threads on forums out there, and compile a list of most-requested features.

So, what does the modern MMO player want in 2013?

” Character customization: “to make my character unique … from the crowds of other players”

Player impact: “… If I burn down a building I want other players to see it burned down and then if some farmer rebuilds it later, I want the NPCs to remember that it was burned down. I don’t want everything to reset…”

Non-combat classes: Alternate progression “let me increase my level entirely as a baker”, “I want to exclusively play an explorer, a politician, an assassin, a merchant…”

The next most common requests were driven by character and progression. If you’re going to invest 1000 hours in an online world, who wouldn’t want it to add up to something? You’d better be able to define your character how you like… to be more than yet another avatar. Your actions ought to matter in the world, and be able to alter it for better or for worse.”

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Talents, Features and Headcanons

We’re finishing off today with three really interesting posts: a passionate takedown of the new talent system, a really interesting discussion on WoW’s features, and a concept – the aforementioned “headcanon” – that I’ve never come across before:

  • Zellviren writes a passionately-argued critique of the new WoW talent system. Strongly put, but with some really interesting points to make – I look forward to the discussion! – “Either you make active mitigation a visceral part of defence and wholly chase away new players who’ll be overwhelmed by it, or you make its contribution small enough that undergeared or under-experienced tanks won’t feel so bad to their healers and those higher up the curve practically ignore it to contribute more damage.”
  • Matthew Rossi covers a well-worn topic – wish-lists of features for WoW – but comes up with some really interesting ideas that go in different directions to the usual discussions“What the system really would need to make it awesome would be a way to define your characters to other players. My wife and I have played our characters with various relationships over the years and it would be great if we could actually use the game’s systems to make that a meaningful choice. “
  • And Tzufit introduces us to the concept of “Headcanon” – the game lore that exists only in your head, but is nonetheless real and important for you“So given the volatility inherent to a shapeshifted druid, I have a hard time believing that any well-trained druid would put roomful of people at risk by turning into a bear or panther or giant bird of prey in front of them. For me, this wouldn’t be all that different from having a wild bear or cat in the room with you, and that bear or cat wouldn’t be curled up in a ball by the fireside asking for you to pet her.”

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