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It’s expensive! It’s powerful! It makes loads of money! And did we mention it’s really expensive?

Yep, it’s Enchanting, the doctor or lawyer equivalent in the WoW world. It’ll make you a fortune, but the training process is – tough. Maybe you don’t have to work 120-hour shifts or memorise thousand-page books, but between hunting down rare materials for your Enchanting rods and paying through the nose for more stacks of dust and essences than you thought there were in the world, when you’ve finally got there you’ll really have worked for your reward.

Fortunately, we at the Pot are here to make it easier. So whether you want to know the tips and tricks of Rod construction, the best way not to spend your entire account’s finances on levelling, or you just want to know how to rake it in once you hit maximum level, we’re here for you.

Watch for more guides coming soon!

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World of Warcraft Enchanting: How It’s Changed Since You Last Played

WoW is much more of a part-time hobby for a lot of people these days – more and more, we at the Pot see people unsubscribing for six months, a year or more, then coming back when new content appeals to them.

But if you’re coming back to WoW, particularly after a good while off, or even if you’re just swapping back to a character you haven’t played in a while, it can be a damn confusing place. So, here’s the first of our quick guides to what’s changed in WoW since the Olden Days – starting off with the profession that has probably changed the most, Enchanting.

Here’s our quick-start guide to what you need to know, what has changed since TBC and even Wrath, and what’s just not that important.

Changes To Enchanting In Cataclysm

If you’ve not played in a while, there are some assumptions you might have about Enchanting that aren’t true any more.

  • You don’t need to carry a ton of rods around. These days, rather than all being separate, Enchanting rods are used to “upgrade” to the next level of rod. As a 525 Enchanter, you’ll just need a Runed Elementium Rod to do all your enchanting.
  • You can now sell enchants on the Auction House. Wrath of the Lich King introduced Enchanting Scrolls, which you can use to make your Enchants portable. That allows you to easily sell enchants without having to bark on Trade for ages, and also means that…
  • Enchanting now makes tons of money. It used to be that Disenchanting was the only easy way to make money, but that’s no longer true. Read our guide to popular Cataclysm enchants for tips on easy ways to make gold with Enchanting, if you’re so inclined.
  • Disenchanting isn’t as useful as it used to be. Blizzard introduced “auto-disenchant” in dungeons – if one of your party is an enchanter, everyone gets the option to disenchant loot. That means that the market for disenchanted materials is no longer as hot as it used to be – although you can still make good money.
  • Enchanting’s no longer the only way to augment your gear. Wheras in Vanilla it was Enchant or Nothing, in Cataclysm there’s a dizzying variety of upgrades for gear, from gems through Blacksmithing and Leatherworking items, to reputation-based upgrades. Just because you’re an enchanter doesn’t mean you won’t be hunting the AH for gear enhancements.

Stuff That Stayed The Same

Not everything’s changed – sadly, in some cases.

  • Enchanting’s still expensive to level. Very, very expensive. There are a number of ways to make it cheaper, but it’s still going to cost more than just about any other profession (Jewelcrafting might be worse) to level it to maximum. Your enchanting rods alone will cost thousands of gold, particularly if you buy all the materials from the AH.
  • Tactically, it’s probably better to let someone else be the guild enchanter. Enchanting gives you a couple of nice ring enchants, but isn’t going to have a huge impact on your utility in a raid or dungeon. Then again, neither’s any other profession, and you can make a bunch of gold from Enchanting.
  • Enchants are still vital. Whether you’re an enchanter or not, enchants are still the greatest improvement you can make to your gear, even considering new professions like Jewelcrafting. A single weapon enchant can make a noticable difference to your DPS, healing or survivability, and other enchants are, slot-for-slot, generally more powerful than the gems that can be put in their place.

So is it still worth taking?

Absolutely. As of Cataclysm, Enchanting is still one of the strongest professions – if you want to put the time and effort in, it’ll make you more gold than any other profession bar perhaps Jewelcrafting. Its personal buffs are decent, taking it helps out your guildies in several ways (Disenchant in dungeons and having a pet enchanter), and with the Scroll market, it’s no longer only a profession for people who really, really like talking in Trade.

Get out there and enchant something already!

Anything we’ve forgotten? Let us know below!

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Tips for Power-Levelling Enchanting

So you’ve decided to become an Enchanter? Good for you! Now, that’ll be 20,000g, please!

Well, not quite that much, but not far off. Enchanting is the WoW equivalent of training as a doctor – you can make a hell of a lot of money once you’ve done it, but boy is the path to get there long and painful. We’re talking about a profession where a single skill point – the Runed Elementium Rod , for example – might set you back more than 1,000 gold.

Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to ease the pain. It’ll never completely go away – Enchanting’s just a pain to level, and there’s no way to avoid it – but here are a bunch of ways you can save a bit of cash on the way up. And bearing in mind the profession we’re talking about, “a bit of cash” can easily be 5k gold!

Note – this isn’t a power-levelling guide! There are plenty of excellent ones on the Internet – Google “Power Levelling Enchanting” – but often you’ll do better with WoWHead, a spreadsheet, and your local AH to hand, as that lets you be more flexible and hence save money.

Disenchant at all times!

It’s almost never worth buying your enchanting materials from the AH until and unless you’ve completely exhausted the weapons and armour of that level and their disenchant properties.

Particularly these days, most of the people listing enchanting materials on the AH will be looking to make a healthy profit. Vision Dust, one of the lower-level dusts, can easily sell for 4g a piece on a bad day. However, the listings for weapons and armour are likely to be less competitive – people will list items they’ve made whilst power-levelling, list to clear their bags, and list with very little understanding of the likely price of their items.

I’d actually recommend adding a Disenchanting addon to your WoW setup – Enchantrix is the best-known – and mass-buying everything that will disenchant to dusts, essences or shards that you need, now or in the future, to the maximum extent you can afford. If you end up with leftovers, you can always sell them.

Manufacture materials that you can’t get by Disenchanting

There are a number of well-known sticking points for Enchanting – Vision Dust, Eternal Essence, Arcane Dust and Infinite Dust, for starters. In all cases, you can end up stuck with no available items on the AH, or with ridiculously high mats prices. However, if you can enlist some guildies, you can get over or around those problems fairly easily.

For Vision Dust, for example, you can either buy the mats for Nightscape Headband or any of the Mageweave set, have a guildie make them, and then disenchant them to provide you with the materials you need. For Greater Eternal Essence, have a blacksmith craft you Enchanted Thorium Blades, then DE those.

You can easily find possible options for disenchanting through WoWHead – choose the enchanting reagent you need, then select “Disenchanted From”, choose “filter”, and add a “Crafted By Profession” filter. Prices will vary server to server, but a bit of networking with your guild or on Trade will get you past most hurdles.

Get your Rods made well in advance.

Arguably the hardest single element of Enchanting – and the one that trips most people up – is getting your Rods made. They look trivial on first glance – but don’t be fooled.

We have an entire seperate guide on Enchanting Rods – go there to learn more.

If you’re 85, grind your Shards

Shards can be expensive. No, scratch that. Shards can be REALLY expensive. However, they’re also the only enchanting material you can reliably grind for.

If you need a shard, just go to a dungeon of the appropriate level – solo, so you’ll actually have to fly there – and kill some bosses. Disenchant the blues you get, and repeat until you have enough shards. Remember, you can reset the instance if necessary.

Unless you’re really imba, this won’t work at level 85, but before then it’s golden.

Good luck!

Enchanting’s not the least challenging profession to level in the world. But once you’ve levelled it, riches and fame can be yours.

Good luck!

Got some power-levelling tips we should know? Share them here!

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WoW Enchanting Rods Guide

If you’re levelling Enchanting, you’ve probably realised you’re going to go through expensive materials like you wouldn’t believe. You may even have bought in vast supplies of dusts and essences. But there’s one element to Enchanting you may not have properly considered, and it’s brought me up short more than once – Rods.

As you go through your enchanting levelling, you’ll also go through a vast number of rods of different materials and expense levels. Some of them will be very cheap and easy to aquire – but most of them can be an unexpected stumbling block. A Runed Elementium Rod, for example – which you’ll need not just to level but also to create most of the profitable Cataclysm enchants – will set you back 70-odd gold from the AH for the Rod alone, and a further 950g or so for the materials.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimise the pain…

General Rod Tips

Oo and indeed er.

When you’re preparing your Road To 525 Enchanting:

  • Get ALL your rods made in advance by a friendly blacksmith. Any 525 blacksmith should be able to craft all the rods – although some of them, like the Eternium Rod, will require a short trip to aquire the recipe. A guildie will be your best bet.
  • Watching the AH for cheap materials. A lot of elements of the enchanting rod tree – notably the Pearls, the Arcanite, and some of the other metals – are kinda rare just because very few people bother listing them. It’s also worth scouring your guild bank and asking guildies if they have spares of some of the rarer items – people often accumulate them because they’re so hard to sell.
  • If you can get a miner to help you, it’ll make aquiring some of the materials much easier. Likewise, an alchemist can make you the Arcanite, which you’ll probably pay through the nose for otherwise.
  • Remember – you need ALL of the rods. You can’t skip some of them – that may have been possible some time ago, but these days, each rod requires the rod before it to allow it to be made.

The Rods Themselves

  • Runed Copper Rod – Trivial. You can aquire all the items you need from vendors.
  • Runed Silver Rod – Likewise trivial. There’s usually silver on the AH – it may be in ore form, as miners use it to level up.
  • Runed Golden Rod – The hard bit here may be the Irridescent Pearl, but they’re a fairly common drop.
  • Runed Truesilver Rod – Welcome to your first hurdle. The tricky bit here is the Black Pearl. It may seem tempting to grind for one if the prices on the AH are 50g or more – don’t. The drop rate is horrible. However, if you can’t find one on the AH, you’re off to farm.
  • Runed Arcanite Rod – You can save a lot of money here by getting your Arcanite transmuted by an alchemist. It’s not on cooldown for them any more, and Arcane Crystals drop like flies for miners.
  • Runed Fel Iron Rod – Fel Iron tends to be very, very expensive as it’s by far the hardest “common” metal to aquire. You can sometimes get bargains on the ore in particular – watch the AH like a hawk. It is NOT worth mining for it, though – takes ages.
  • Runed Adamantite Rod – the quite, quite horrible bit here is the Primal Might. Hopefully someone on your server will have realised there’s a profit in selling them to Enchanters – check early in your levelling to find out if this is the case. Otherwise, you’re going to have to collect all the Primal elements – it’s doable to farm them, particularly at 85 – and then pay an alchemist. Again, this is no longer on CD.
  • Runed Eternium Rod – Eternium crops up rarely and randomly. By far your best bet here is to buy the rod ready-made if you can’t find the materials quickly – it’s entirely possible for weeks to pass without seeing any Eternium on the AH.
  • Runed Titanium Rod – Watch the Titanium ore as well as bars – it can often be 5 or 10 times cheaper. You can mine for this if all else fails, in Wintergrasp – but it’ll likely take 30 mins or so.
  • Runed Elementium Rod – And you’re there! This one’s the easiest of the list by far, at least in Cataclysm. Buy, make, profit!

Any Rod tips we should know about? Ahaaha, I see what you did there. Comment below!

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Popular Cataclysm Enchants – and how they can make you lazy and rich

If you’re an enchanter, you may well have dipped your toe into the waters of selling enchants on the AH. It’s entirely possible that your toe subsequently got nipped by the Pirahnas of This Is Way More Complicated Than It Looks, too.

Fear not! There are rather easier ways to aquire cash in profusion using your enchanting. So, pick up your Runed Elementium Rod from where you threw it at the ground in despair, and let’s get to the money-making.

The principle

There are basically two approaches to selling enchants on the Auction House. The first is to sell everything you can, often using an addon like Trade Skill Master. By listing literally every enchant you can, you’ll sell the maximum number, but the cost in time and effort is high. Nonetheless, if you’re going for gold cap, this is the way to go.

However, if you’re a fair bit lazier, there’s an easier way. Rather than blanketing the AH with everything, simply target a few popular enchants, and keep them rolling out to keep the money rolling in. This is an application of the well-known “8020” rule – 80% of your profits on Enchanting will come from 20% of the items you list. You just need to know which ones.

This is absolutely not the best way to make maximum cash in WoW, by the way. If you regard the AH as a substantial part of the enjoyment of the game, or if you urgently need to make as much gold as possible, you’ll want to use the thorough route. However, it’s easily possible to make 100k or so using a less-thorough technique, and rather than spending an hour a day at it, you’ll spend 5 minutes.

The Enchants

So what are you looking for?

In short, we want enchants that do three things:

  • Sell regularly. This is vital. At the end of the day, what you’re almost certainly interested in is how much gold you make per week. An enchant that sells for 2k but only sells once a month will make you less money than one which sells for 99g, every day.
  • Have a high profit margin. Again, the amount an enchant sells for is not the important bit – what’s important is how much profit you make. It’s very easy to forget to track the cost of the materials, and end up busily selling something for 700g, then paying 750g for the materials to make another. (I have done this!)
  • Aren’t too competitive. Most of the really high-end enchants – Landslide, Windwalk, etc – are actually a bad bet to sell. They have very high prices, and so attract a lot of competition – and as a casual seller, you don’t want to be fighting intense competition.

Now, exactly which enchants fit those criteria will vary from server to server. YMMV, and it’s always worth researching through the Undermine Journal and selling on the AH yourself. However, all things being equal, we’d recommend starting with the following:

  • Enchant Bracer: SpeedNOT Greater Speed. Sells for 40-ish gold on many servers, for 2 Hypnotic Dust and one Lesser Celestial Essence.
  • Enchant Boots: Earthen Vitality – for only 2 Hypnotic Dust, this must-have enchant can sell very, very well. On many servers the price has crashed, but on some you can sell it for 30g or more.
  • Enchant Gloves: Greater Mastery – A go-to enchant for many classes, it’s fairly expensive to produce (2 Maelstrom Crystal, 12 Hypnotic Dust, 5 Greater Celestial), but sells for upward of 500g, and fast.
  • Enchant Cloak: Greater Intellect – Another must-have for all cloth classes, essentially. Not a “high-glamour” enchant, but with a good profit margin in many places – 350g or more for 9 Hypnotic Dust and 4 Greater Celestials.

Good luck!

Know any other must-have enchants to sell? Let us know below!

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How to make a Runed Elementium Rod in WoW

Leveling an enchanter in WoW was never going to be cheap, but the regular upgrades to your enchanting rod are often stumbling points for both price and availability. Here’s our quick guide to the Cataclysm enchanting rod: the Runed Elementium Rod.

You won’t need to even worry about making a Runed Elementium Rod until your Enchanting skill hits at least 515.

Prepare your enchanting materials

Most of the materials you’ll need for the elementium rod recipe can be gained from your regular disenchanting. You might well have most of these in stock already, but if not it’s time to stock up. Check the prices on your server’s auction house – it might be cheaper to buy these mats directly rather than trying to buy items to disenchant. Remember to check for Lesser Celestial Essence as well as Greater Celestial Essence – you can convert from one to the other freely, at the rate of 1:3.

You’ll need:

  • 10 x Hypnotic Dust
  • 6 x Greater Celestial Essence
  • 6 x Heavenly Shard

You’ll also need a Runed Titanium Rod, which should be your current Enchanting rod anyway. As with previous rod upgrades, creating the new rod will destroy your existing rod, but you’ll be able to use the new Elementium Rod to perform all the duties of your Titanium Rod.

The awkward bit

Getting all those ingredients is the (comparatively) easy bit. The final ingredient is an Elementium Rod, and that’s where the pain usually starts. _Elementium Rod_s are crafted by Blacksmiths, and those blacksmiths know full well that you can’t advance your Enchanting skill any further without one. You might be lucky enough to find one on the auction house for as little as 150g, but prices can rise to 1000g or even higher. If you’ve got a good stockpile of gold, then this may not be much of a blow for you – in which case go ahead and purchase – but for those with only a few coppers to rub together the price can be a bit steep.


It’s always worth asking any blacksmiths in your guild if they’d mind making the rod for you. You’ll need to provide the materials for the recipe, which is simply 15 Elementium Bars (or 30 pieces of Elementium Ore).

If your guild blacksmiths fail you, it’s time to turn to the Trade channel. Whilst the idea of using the Trade channel for its actual intended purpose may feel dangerously heretical to some Warcraft players, it can actually be the best way to get your rod, especially if there are none on the auction house. Remember to mention that you have the mats already, and be sure to add a nice tip!

Crafting the Runed Elementium Rod

Having finally assembled all the required materials, it’s time to make the rod itself. You’ll need to purchase the Formula for Runed Elementium Rod, which you can buy from the Enchanting Supplies vendor in any major city. Once you’ve learned the recipe, just open your Enchanting crafting window, hit Create, and watch all those hard-earned materials disappear from your bags. Phew! That’s the last rod upgrade you’ll need, at least until the next expansion.

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How To Get Better Healing In Cataclysm

Last week we asked whether healing was too difficult in Cataclysm. Whether or not it is there are healers aplenty sprinkled across servers, forums and blogs who’re finding healing to be a Cataclysmic disaster. So it’s a good thing that Ttrinity’s written a post to help those healers, and I wish you folks all the best with it! Annnnd if you’re not a healer – pass it along to someone who is, you might be doing them a huge favour.

Ttrinity says she’s not qualified to write guides on this kind of thing but she makes up for that with a post that’s full to the brim of healer camaraderie and helpful advice.

We’ve all been there, hell we ARE there in Cataclysm. Wrestling with the mana demons; DPS standing in the bad; soft, unenchanted tanks; expensive fast heals and not much mana in our bank accounts which yield us OOM during a boss fight, helplessly standing there with purpley – grayed out spells, unable to case anything. This becomes especially painful right at 85 when stats magically weaken our heals and mana pools.  Healing at 85 is different. It is challenging. But it should not shoo you away, scurrying into only pursuing achievements, respecing out of heals or falling back to roll another alt.

Is her advice useful? Yes. Most of it’s practical advice, like things you might’ve forgotten about enchants. She’s got tips that’ll help you plant your feet firmly back on the ground, rather than getting upset when things go wrong. And to round it off, Ttrinity suggests some things that might take you out your comfort zone – but she’ll help you grow into a leaner, meaner healing machine if you take her advice.

Now it’s down to you. If you’re a healer, give her post a shot and let us know what you think of it. If you’re not a healer – do you think there’s anything you’d add to Ttrinity’s post from your role/perspective that’d help out a mana-deprived healer?

_Quote taken directly from Ttrinity’s post

You can find Ttrinity’s Healer Aggro homepage here_

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Fresh Brew: Addons That Optimize Your Levelling, Take You Down Memory Lane And Turn Your Enchanter Into A Moneybags

There are an enormous number of WoW addons that pop up every single day, and of them, only a few make it to everyone’s attention. And that means a whole load of potentially useful addons that just don’t make it to the bigtime. Sounds like a job for MMO Melting Pot…

Yesterday I went on a trek through WoW interface’s list of new and updated addons to find the hottest ones. Or at least the warmish ones that are great ideas but don’t really get out much. I found so many that I split them into two posts with the first yesterday.

These ‘ere are the rest of the fresh brew, hope you enjoy them.

  • Gaintracker – tracks your XP and gold gained and how long it took to get them. The sweet part is that Gaintracker can use that data to tell you the optimum place to gain XP. Levelling an alt before dinner? It’ll help you get the most experience out of your hour.
  • Revelation – not new, but updated. Revelation lets you use professions quickly by telling you at a glance all the profession skills you can use right now with the materials you have in the inventory. It supports all profession skills including lockpicking and disenchanting.
  • Scroll master – scans the auction house for scroll and material prices and keeps track of market prices. It works alone or integrates with other auction house addons like auctioneer. It also helps you create multiple scrolls by tallying the materials you need. This looks like a great addon for any enchanter with materials coming out of their ears and mothballs filling their purse.
  • Bosstalk – this isn’t a new addon but it’s been updated for Cataclysm. I just had to feature it because a library of soundfile quotes from bosses is awesome. Missing your guild’s in joke about Lady Deathwhisper’s voice acting or worried that Cata will remove some classic lines? Get your nostalgia here.

So that was a mixture of something old, something new, and something not so much blue but full of maniacal laughter. What could be better?!

But have I missed anything – any completely new addons of never-seen-before? Or do you know of something coming soon and would like to tip us off? Either which way, give us a shout!

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