MMO Melting Pot will be going dark on the 18th to protest SOPA

Just a quick heads-up – the Melting Pot will be joining the widespread Internet protest day on Jan 18th, protesting SOPA . We’ll be effectively unavailable from noon to midnight GMT.

I’d rather not do this – I don’t like making information unavailable even for a short time – but SOPA, if passed, could be disastrous both for the Internet at large and personally for the Pot. Everything that BoingBoing says about SOPA’s effects on them apply to us too – we’d have to check every page of every site we ever link to to make sure there were no infringing links anywhere, which would probably be an impossible task, potentially meaning we’d just have to stop linking. We’d also probably have to disable or at least heavily moderate comments, and – the list goes on.

And ours is not even in the top 50% of serious chilling effects from the Act. It would also have a chilling effect on people who are trying to publicise police brutality, people who are trying to campaign for political change, people just trying to reach out and discover that the world isn’t as crazy as their circumstances make it appear – from abused children to victims of political oppression.

So, despite my misgivings, we’re going dark for a day, and I’d urge you to take action against SOPA . You can do something whether you’re in the USA or not – and thanks to SOPA’s far-reaching implications, this isn’t just a US issue.

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Sysadmin here – sorry about the downtime

Apologies for the Pot being offline the last day or so.

We’ve been getting INSANE amounts of traffic over the last few days – for “what, have we been Slashdotted or something” values of insane – and it would appear that at some point the database server wandered off for a coffee and forgot to come back.

Of course this happened at the one time in the year when all three of us weren’t checking.

Anyway, fixed now, sorry about that.

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