Mining Obsidium for fun and profit

Cataclysm introduced three new types of ore to the Warcraft world: Pyrite, Elementium and Obsidium. Of these, Obsidium is the easiest to obtain. Since it only need a mining skill of 425 to extract, it’s also likely to be the first Cataclysm ore you encounter.

By far the best place to farm for Obsidium ore is Mount Hyjal, site of Malfurion Stormrage’s’ resistance against Ragnaros and the Twilight Legion (and also, of course, the site of Thrall’s marriage to Aggra). If you haven’t started the Mount Hyjal questchain yet, take a look at our guide guide to see How to get to Mount Hyjal. Avoid the area at the south east of the zone, where the dragons are flying around – it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Deepholm_ is also a good zone in which to farm Obsidium. If you’re trying to gain reputation with Therazane (to get your shoulder enchantment), you can often combine the Therazane quests with your regular Obsidium farming.

If you’re doing a lot of mining, you might find it easier to install an addon such as Gatherer, which will help you plot the best routes around the zones.

As with other ores, two pieces of Obsidium Ore can be smelted down to make a single Obsidium Bar. Obsidium Bars usually sell for more than Obsidium Ore, but if you’re looking to make a profit from your mining, it’s worth checking your server’s auction house to see which is the most profitable.

Obsidium Bars can also prove quite valuable when combined with the Engineering profession. The most profitable things to craft will probably be Handfuls of Obsidium Bolts, which are used for several further recipes, and the Personal World Destroyer companion pet, which can reliably sell for several hundred gold.

Any tips for farming Obsidium ore, or useful things to do with it? Let us know in the comments.

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Potion of Treasure Finding Marks The Spot

Rhidach’s testing something fancy and I think I might just try it for myself. Gold’s all over the place in WoW, what with every quest and dungeon rewarding you a fortune large enough to buy a seaside holiday, but there’s always room for more gold in your purse.

Rhidach’s recounting his experiments using the Potion of Treasure Finding and then finding a prime monster-grinding spot. Rhidach tells us exactly where he went to grind monsters and relieve them of their hidden treasure chests, thanks to the potion. He even gives tips on How Not To Die ™, given the area he chose is so full of monsters and they have a way of knocking 15% of a bod’s health off a time.

I had four Potions of Treasure Finding in my bags, and on a lark I headed over to Deepholm to do some AOE farming and see if I could make some decent coin out of it. I did some research on what spots were optimal, and it turns out the the best place had been hotfix nerfed two days ago. Drat. … Between the mobs dropping 15-40 silver each, looting about 18 tiny chests (and thus the contents), and various greys and greens, I probably made…

Made how much? That’d be telling! It might not be the best way to make money out there but it’s something a bit different, and something to do out in the field. This is a trick for anyone, provided a bit of due care and planning. But let’s face it – getting smashed in the face by hundreds of irritated monsters is right up a tank’s alley – why not make it a gold making setup, meatshields?

What about you – have you tried combining grinding with potion of treasure finding – how did it go, and do you have any tips to share?

_Quote taken directl from Rhidach’s post

You can find Righteous Defense’s homepage here_

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Better Female Representation In Cataclysm

It’s been said time and again that Blizzard’s female characters are wishwashy. Half of em waiting in their metaphorical ivory tower waiting for you to rescue them, the other half wearing the proverbial wooly jumper and telling the boys warlords to stop fighting now or no tea. True as that might’ve been, Rades thinks Blizzard might have noticed and stuck a few strong, respectable females in Cataclysm.

He starts off with an overview of some of the female characters you meet. Most of the ones he lists are in the 80-85 zones but he’s on the nail with every one: I don’t think Jaina would combine Ogre with warship propellers like one new dwarf NPC does. But Rades says there’s one new female throwing her weight around who steals the screen every time.

All of these characters are great examples of strong female personalities, but Therazane is the one I’m going to focus on and examine. She’s awe-inspiring, commanding, and not afraid of anyone. She even tells you outright that we are simply temporary pawns. I have to admit, when you first meet her and she angrily talks about how mortals killed her precious daughter, I imagined my characters gulping nervously and hoping this behemoth never learned that they had JUST DONE THIS during the Elemental Invasion.

He goes on to look at personality types we’ve seen often in WoW’s female characters and compares Therazane against them, like whether she’s oversexualised or defined by her relationship with X male character. It makes for interesting reading and Rades has picked exactly the right character to highlight – and celebrate. He also throws in a quick Bechdel test for Therazane, for anyone who was in doubt how awesome and rare she was as a WoW character. Great roundup, Rades! His conclusion’s uplifting too, I just hope Blizzard stick with this new line in independent women ™.

What do you think – are there better examples of strong female characters in WoW, or is even Therazane a bit weak?

_Quote taken directly from Rades’ post_

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