WoW: The Ritual Bond – stuck on this quest? We’ll help you out.

Continuing our series of confusing quests in wow, The Ritual Bond is a fun, low-level quest that nevertheless leaves many players confused the first time they encounter it.

Choose your poison

The reason this quest causes so much confusion is because it requires you to choose a spirit from which to receive a blessing. Three spirits are available: Moonstalker, Thistle Bear, and Stag. There’s no real indication as to which spirit to choose, what the effects will be, and how permanent your choice is.

The good news is that the choice is not an important decision at all.


The benefits of blessings

Accepting a spirit’s blessing will have two effects. Firstly, you’ll be granted a buff (which will only be active while you’re within Darkshore). Secondly, for as long as you have the buff, certain Darkshore creatures will become friendly towards you rather than aggressive.


Choosing the Thistle Bear blessing will grant a 10% reduction in the damage you take, and will make all the Darkshore bears non-aggressive.


Choosing the Moonstalker blessing will grant you a 10% bonus to Haste, and will make all the Darkshore moonstalkers non-aggressive.


Choosing the Stag blessing will grant you a 10% increase to your movement speed, and will make all the Darkshore stags non-aggressive.

Which blessing should I take?

Which blessing you take really doesn’t matter very much. If you play a class that benefits a lot from haste, then consider the Moonstalker blessing. The Stag blessing is of little use, since it doesn’t stack with any other movement-increasing effects. For most players, the Thistle Bear blessing is the best choice. There are a lot of bears in Darkshore, and having turning them all non-aggressive will make things a lot easier for you.

It’s important to note that the blessing you choose has no effect on which quest reward you’ll receive (so, you don’t need to take the Moonstalker blessing to recieve the Moonstalker Bracers, for example).

Do you have any good tips for this quest? Let us know in the comments.

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