Making sure your outfit matches your… horse?

I’m continually very impressed with what I see coming out of Lord of the Rings Online these days. There’s so much interesting, creative stuff out there, from the music festival of Weatherstock onward.

Today we’ve got another great post of LoTRO goodness.

Have you ever gotten a new mount and felt that your character just looked slightly wrong on it? Like something clashed, jarred, didn’t quite make sense? Well, Cithryth of A Casual Stroll To Mordor has been there, too – but being an experienced virtual-world couturier (and just saying that phrase makes me look around for the telltale signs I’ve accidentally stepped into a Charles Stross novel), she knew what to do about the problem:

I’ll be honest – when I first saw this horse I thought it was ugly. As soon as I found an outfit I liked that matched it though, I stopped feeling that way. So my new ideology is that a horse is only ugly until you find the right outfit for it!

As I said earlier, the key is color and styling. The main colors for this horse are gold, silver and brown. I’d say the brown dye in game that matches it best is Sienna. This doesn’t mean though that these are the only colors we can use. If you look closer there is also some white along the borders of the gold coverings. On the horse’s forehead and chest plate is also a brilliant pink jewel. The styling, since it is the Prized Rivendell Horse, is of course elvish.

Quoting this particular article can’t really do it justice – you need to look at the pictures. I’ve seen a lot of virtual world fashion, and this is some really impressive work – elegant, graceful and distinctive. And even though I’m no newcomer to costume design either (14 years as an indie filmmaker means you’ve taken on a lot of roles), I learned a fair bit from the article.

I hope the series continues – I’ll be looking out for the next installment!

What are your top MMO fashion tips? Ever sat on your new mount, zoomed out, and suddenly gone “Oh dear god, my outfit totally doesn’t match this steed!”?

_Quote taken directly from Cithryth’s article.

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