Constructive Criticism In Guilds

There’s been a bit of chatter in the blogosphere over the weekend about constructive criticism, and particularly in giving it in raiding guilds. I’m linky-ing all of the posts relating to it so far even though they each have a very different take on the matter, because all of them are extremely well written and from the heart. And in their own way, they all have a good point. I’d be interested to see anyone else take this topic up, too.

Anyway, without further ado…

  • Saying ALL the things that need to be said – Rhii’s post kicked the topic off. Her guild works by everyone being on an  even footing and being able to take constructive criticism, and handle themselves. But Rhii said something  … and then her guild leader quit. A good read, especially if you’re a raider and can compare your circumstances in-game to Rhii’s situation.
  • Constructive Criticism, what’s the problem? – Rhii’s post was a catalyst for Ophelle who’s is a bit shocked that many players seem to treat constructive criticism so gingerly that the gingerbread house must be missing its cooking facilities. Ophelle says constructive criticism = a Good thing. She’s also included a few guidelines for what is and isn’t constructive criticism.
  • Fixing The Problem Without Causing More – Analogue’s read Rhii’s post over the weekend and tells us how it helped her see different perspectives on situations in her own guild. She’s telling us how – and why she sorted the situation out – I’m impressed, sounds like it was  handled with much aplomb.

So what do you think – are constructive criticism and personal responsibility an infallible part of any progression raiding guild, are the wheels always bound to come off at some point?

You can find the homepages of…

  • _Oh My, Kurenai here_
  • _The Bossy Pally And The Giant Spoon here_
  • Looking For More here
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Cata Roundup: How To Joust To Giving Constructive Criticism

Okay, earlier I said the blogosphere has returned to normal. Scratch that. It’s exploomed. Bloggers are posting left right and centre, much as I thought might happen this week, albeit a bit later than predicted. It’s quite a fluster of excitement to see, and will only get better. Honestly, the sense of shared excitement is enough to get a bod to join in and tell their own tales, not just read them.

So what else has sprung up recently?

  • Initial Impressions of the Irked – Kurn’s not a happy bunny  and I’m right there with her. Well, it’s not all bad, but she’s got a problem with a few of Blizzard’s Cata decisions. Namely the caps on guild reputation and achievements, and how easy dungeons seem to be on live compared to their beta incarnations. Very reasonably written post and these topics echo sentiments from around WoW –  I hope someone’s reading.
  • Joust – Jey loves the Joust-tribute questline in Mount Hyjal. So much that he’s written a post both championing it and as a ‘how to’ for the quests. Really useful for anyone getting to grips with it – hopefully his enthusiasm will soon have you agreeing with him (and us!) that it should be a quest we can all do every day!
  • Constructive Criticism – New group content means people in your group may struggle. Sounds sensible, right? But how to help them? Malevica’s article will help you approach and support someone in a way most likely to get a good reaction from them and results for everyone. She also cvers difficult topics like how to deal with people being defensive when you do approach them.
  • Level 85 gems for a rogue – does what it says in the title! Garona’s got the critical info on what gems rogues need, including what you should do with each colour gem socket.

So what I was mentioning about telling your own tales – well, I’m not suggesting you start a blog, but by all means do, if you’re thinking about it. And give us the link! But otherwise why not leave us or someone else a comment letting us know how you’re getting on and whether you’re over the moon about Cataclysm?

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