Do Talent Specs Come Naturally To You?

Rush has started an interesting – and timely – debate over on the Asylum Wall. At least, it’s timely for WoW players with patch 4.1 about to bring in Call To Arms and a wave of hopeless hopeful tanks, but this debate could ring bells for you whatever game you play.

I feel like I have a better command of the abilities I have as a Restoration Shaman, and I think I know why. As I leveled, I was slowly given new abilities, so that I could one-by-one work them in to my style, rather than suddenly having a whole fleet of abilities that I have to now work together to keep players alive.

Simply put, noticing his comfort playing one character over another, Rush is wondering  whether levelling as a particular spec can make you better at it than, say, picking it up cold at a later date. It’s a very quick read but an interesting point, and one that’s already continued into a thoughtful comment debate over there.

So let’s blow this one wide open – do you think levelling in a particular spec makes you better at it, or can you pick up a spec at any time? Or is it just that if you play any spec new to you you’d have to learn it sometime, and it doesn’t matter if it’s at level 10 or at levelcap? Or is it just down to feeling more at home with some classes? Let us – or Rush – know what you think!

_Quote taken directly from Rush’s post

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