Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition – is it worth the $150?

Anyone feel like it’s last summer again?

Yes, as with SWTOR before it, Guild Wars 2 is making headlines by announcing a Collector’s Edition – and not just any CE, but a bloody expensive one, at $150 for the game, which comes with a statue, soundtrack, and a book about the making of the game.

The blogosphere’s been poring through the details – and so far, it seems to be a bit of a damp squib:

  • Kill Ten Rats’ Ravious admits that the CE was pretty much a sure buy for him – but even he’s a little unsure about a couple of details“I’d personally have preferred a more cosmetic effect, like a special dance than a deluxe skill, especially given that the deluxe edition’s elite skill will likely see much less use than profession-specific elites.”
  • Syp at Bio Break doesn’t hate the CE extras, but none of it screams “must have” to him“The book and the soundtrack are nice, but an extra $70 worth of nice?”
  • And Pewter at Decoding Dragons is skeptical about quite a few of the features, including the very short early access period“As someone living in rural England, the early access for SW:TOR was practically over by the time I had gotten the game downloaded. 3 days seems incredibly short from my perspective, and even for the general populace.”

Does the $150 Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars 2 seem like a good deal to you?

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Would You Buy The Collector’s Edition?

Not so long ago when you bought a game you just bought the game. All right, maybe it had an instruction manual and if you were lucky, a pretty fold-out map. These days we make choices between this standard package of a game and an edition that includes extra shinies. So many of us made that choice between standard and collectors editions with Cataclysm recently. Well, it’s not just WoW.

Syp at Bio Break caught my eye today with a post on whether the collector’s edition for Rift is worth the money. Rift is due out this year and a lot of people are jumping up and down making enthusiastic noises about it. Some are calling it a pretender to the WoW throne. Some like Tobold have been in the beta and keeping us posted with how Rift’s learned from WoW’s secret recipe, and its flexible talent tree ‘soul’ system.

Syp goes through the packages of Rift that you can pre-order and details exactly what you get with each. There are three packs to choose from and to my surprise, even the standard edition comes with some extra shinies. An ingame pet free with your Rift standard digital package, anyone? But that’s just icing, as Syp says:

This’ll probably be the same price as the regular retail box, so if you’re planning to play the game you might as well pre-order to get the bonus goodies.  The pets and rune are nice, but the real deal here is the Founder’s Pricing — $9.99/month is a downright steal, and will save you $60 over the course of the year (compared to a $14.99/mo. subscription) if you keep it up.  Plus, who doesn’t want to get into the game early?

Interestingly there’s only $20 setting apart all three packages and you get increasing amounts of goodies for each. But as Syp says, these pre-order packages are probably better than the retail packages will be when it’s released to game stores in a couple of months’ time. He reckons the medium package is the best deal but wonders whether there’s much in it.

What would you do – do you buy collector’s editions or standard packs, or does it depend on the game? And – are you maknig enthusiastic noises about Rift?

_Quote taken directly from Syp’s post

You can find Bio Break’s homepage here_

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