The Spread Of Bad Habits In Low Level Dungeons

Anyone ventured into an instance recently? C’mon, hands up. Specifically low level ones. Big Bear Butt’s got a post today about his recent experiences in a low level instance – well, I say experience, but it doesn’t sound like he gained much in the way of XP while he was there.

Most of his post is an entertaining tale of what happened in the dungeon. He says he was levelling a new druid and felt there came a time when he should try tanking a low level dungeon. Risky business, I know. But BBB explains that he had all the old bear-tank tricks up his sleeve to compensate for the lack of any bear AoE abilities at low level. Wasn’t enough: apparently his problem turned out to be the DPS.

The DPS, two Hunters and a Warrior, actually attacked while I was still running up. I hadn’t even gotten close enough to face pull and boom!

So mobs are on the three DPS and their pets, but not ALL the mobs of the group. I grabbed one of them, and started trying to get the rest, and the healer panicked, exacerbating the problem by frantically casting heals to try and keep all the DPS alive… bringing the remainder of the mobs down on her head.

He goes on to speculate how the tanking classes are balanced at the moment, saying that at the same low level warriors would have solid AoE threat abilities but bears have nothing. He’s hurting a bit over that and I don’t blame him, though I’m not sure I agree with BBB’s conclusion that other tanking classes with their fancy AoE abilities ‘train’ DPS to let all nitwibble break loose within miliseconds.

What do you think – are tanking classes unbalanced right from the offset, and are DPSers spoilt and allowed to switch their brains off by AoE-tastic tanks?

_Quote taken directly from BBB’s post

You can find Big Bear Butt’s homepage here_

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Blessing Of Fish To Blizz: How Not To Balance Gameplay

Do you PvE or PvP? How often do you do both on any of your characters? Zal over at Blessing of Fish has got a point: trying to balance each class for both PvE and PvP just makes the two playstyles get in each other’s way. Like clumsy dancers thrown together but sticking with it to see if they do any better at the next patch song depsite stepping on toes.

Several classes have undergone some nip n’ tuck as the expansion’s progressed. Zal takes a look at classes that’ve received the most treatment and how changes to bring them into line in either PvE or PVP has affected the class’ balance in the rest of the game.

I’m not certain there is any way to counter a Shadowpriest for me. A Shadowpriest of any gear can lock me down and have me nearly dead by the time I get to them in a fair fight, regardless of the cooldowns I use. And they can remove my Bubble, stop me healing, and if I finally raise my axe above their squishy head, they break into their component molecules and speed away.

He’s suggesting that Blizzard shouldn’t try to balance classes around different aspects of gameplay. After all, they’re already balancing them around other classes, so going for a subset of balance within each class might be pushing it a bit, or barking up the wrong tree as Zal puts it. He’s got some ideas about what Blizzard could do instead, although without giving it deep thought I don’t know how practical they are.

What do you think? Is it about time the PvP and PvE parts of the game went seperate ways, or do we just need to treat classes differently?

_Quote taken directly from Zal’s post_

_You can find Blessing of Fish’s homepage here_

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