AHHH Real Dragons! Schedule For Cataclysm Week And Helpful Cataclysm Posts

Hey! Long flight? Stuck on a loading screen in game? Corpse running from your latest wipe in a shiny new difficult dungeon? Not playing at all because you couldn’t get the time off and want the latest news nownownow? If that’s the case my thoughts are with you!

I’m playing Cataclysm too, just like you. I’ve set aside some time to play and I’m intending to quest and instance my little heart out. Right now I’m exploring Mount Hyjal for the first time, taking my fury warrior for a spin and spending most of my time handing quests in to NPCs who are heroically balancing 30 player-drakes on their heads.

I still intend to be posting. Crazy? Probably. But I expect the blogosphere to explode in a rush of excitement, albeit after a pause while everyone glues their eyes to the game and forgets to post. And there are going to be moments you alt-tab out and want a quick read. So I’ll be combining the two and bringing you exciting, happy reads to keep you occupied when the rest of the party is calling each other noobs because the sheeped mob got free early.

‘Cos I’m playing too the updates won’t be at particular times but whenever I see something interesting and get a chance to post it. We might also do a few quick-tips posts of things we’ve found ourselves as we wander around being gubbed by overgrown fish people.

Posts will also probably be a bit shorter for the next few days (this one excepting) so that we can all get on with the important task of playing. Just to prove that we’re still here in this manic time though, here are some tasters of useful stuff the blogosphere’s got as we start our Cataclysmic journey:

That’ll do for now – there’s more, of course there’s more – but you want something to read for later, right?

As always, comments are welcome as we change from a Wrathful and pie-loving bad guy to literally trying to kill internet dragons. I’m not seriously expecting you guys to have time to comment right now but I’d be greatly interested to hear your thoughts on posts and updates on how you’re enjoying Cata. Remember, stay safe, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

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Flame Shock: Surviving As An Adventurer In Cataclysm

The Cataclysm’s coming but what does the end of the world really mean for us? I mean, practically speaking, our characters could just sit by a warm lava pit and while away the time in peace and safety when the new zones open up. But we’re are adventurers. We’re going to have to go out and do the vanquishing thing. Good job that Rakhman at Flame Shock’s got a guide to the practical items we’ll find – and need – as we do our heroic deeds.

Rakhman’s guide will both prepare and reassure you for Cataclysm ahead of time. He’s looking at the core things we rely on in PvE and noting what the new, updated versions will be in Cataclysm. So if you’re wondering whether we’ll still have flasks or what the new primals will be called so you can look out for them to get mats for your craftable items, Rahkman’s got the details. His list is exhaustive and it’s somehow comforting having read it to know what the new bandages are called. Silly, I know. But it’s even better to know in advance what materials fish feasts will need and what benefits they give.

New Zones

This map has all the details of where to go to level. Your starter zones are a choice between Vash’jir and Mount Hyjal. Then you have The Maelstrom and Deepholm, followed by Uldum and finally the Twilight Highlands. There should be feeder quests in the capital cities for all of these new zones.


Professions are all bumped up to level 525 at the maximum and will need training by a professions master to get access to the maximum level. Trainers in the capital cities should be able to oblige.*

Rakhman also takes a look at longer term prospects. Mixed in with the new consumables details are notes on the new zones, enchanting, gems and the new reputations that’ll be available in a few days. He’s even included wowhead links to the factions so you can check for useful reputation rewards, and there’s another wowhead link to a pre-Heroics gear filter (which is currently set up for shaman, but you can play around with the filter to get items useful for your class).

A great post and very well timed. I feel odd saying this but I kinda feel better going into Cataclysm armed with this simple but useful knowledge. How about you – do you think he’s missed anything, either for PvE or PvP, given that his list is PvE centric atm?

_*Quote taken directly from Rakhman’s post as a sample

You can find Flame Shock’s homepage here_

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