Do You Need To Be In A Big Guild For Group Content?

Kaozz over at is in a bit of a quandary. On the one hand she’s enjoying some aspects of WoW more than ever. On the other hand she’s playing more casually than ever – and feels like WoW’s priorities are steamrollering her in Cataclysm.

Kaozz is a member of a very small, casual guild. She doesn’t want to leave it but Cataclysm’s instances are just too long and raiding’s beyond the question. She looks at the problem while taking apart Ghostcrawler’s latest blog post on dungeons, the LFD tool and group content. Kaozz says small guilds are being pushed out: their members either have to join big guilds or recruit strangers (as the LFD system reduces the opportunity to get to know people on your server) in order to see group content.

So why penalize small guilds because they lack the numbers or casual guilds? We must be in an active, large guild to really enjoy the game, even casually, at this point in time?

Is there a place for the casual player? The casual guild? What about people who can’t find a solid guild at odd play-times? …But what about the little guilds, do they suffer and fall apart, friends get left behind?

After thorough musings on Ghostcrawler’s post Kaozz reckons that the LFD tool isn’t working as intended and they may as well throw it out. Ooh err. Just to round it off, she says that WoW’s far from working as intended, as the developers like to call it. Instead it feels to her that she’s repeatedly relearning how to play her class, the game, on the whim of the developers – because they don’t know what they want. Thing is, Kaozz isn’t crying wolf – wherever possible in her post she’s fair to the game and the developers. What she has are reasonable problems with the game, and as she says… isn’t it a bit early in the expansion for burnout to set in?

What do you think – is Kaozz making too big a deal of the way Cataclysm’s group content is set up, or does it unfairly exclude casual/small guilds?

_Quote taken directly from Kaozz’s post

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Dreambound: How Do We Learn?

Kae at Dreambound is examining the various ways that people learn – including while playing games. She acknowledges the fact that all of us learn in different ways and what works for one person might not work for the next.

This is an excellent primer for anyone playing a teamwork game but especially so for WoW players given we’ve just been handed new content to bash our collective heads against.

Why is this important for gaming? Encounter strategies, learning your class, learning how to play: how information is presented to you will impact how well you understand the material, which in turn impacts performance. If you know you won’t learn as well with one method, seek out material that is presented in a way that is easier for you to understand.

As a side benefit, understanding these learning methods impacts other areas of your life, including schooling and career. I’m a firm believer in “never stop learning,”

Kae takes a solid look at the three main ways of learning: visual, audio and tactile. In each case she gives examples of what works for learning in that method, such as different fonts and diagrams for folks who learn visually. And she rounds off each section with a summary of how types of learning aid can help or hinder each method.

Kae’s post is food for thought for anyone doing team-related content to see how they fit into the learning scale. It’s even more important for those leading that content.

If you’re preparing your friends or guildies for the new heroics or raids, take a look at Kae’s post and have a think how you might be able to adapt your fight explanations to help your team learn faster.

How about you – what sort of learning works for you?

_Quote taken directly from Kae’s post

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