WoW Patch 4.3 Feral DPS Druid – Talent Spec, Build, Stats, Rotation, Reforging, and Glyph guide

Oh, man. Feral druids only just got our lovely Flaming Kitty form, and now they want us to take it into Patch 4.3 and get it covered in slime? Meow. So, if you want to get started a rippin’ and a’Manglin’, here’s your guide to Feral stats, talent spec, reforging, gemming, glyphs, priorities, and all that good stuff.

Updated 29th Nov 2011 for Patch 4.3

Feral DPS changes in Patch 4.3

Not a lot has changed for Feral Druids in Patch 4.3 – Shred has had its damage slightly reduced, but it’s still considerable. Feral Druids also benefit from the 10% melee damage buff, which is nice.

The one significant change is a change to Glyph of Shred, renamed Glyph of Bloodletting. It now also causes Mangle to extend the duration of Rip alongside Shred. This has no effect unless you’re forced to stand in front of the boss, at which points you can still use your standard rotation and not worry about Rip falling off early.

Feral Druid Rotation

Feral Druids don’t have a rotation as such – instead, we have a bunch of buffs and debuffs that it’s important to keep up, and some cooldowns we have to use when possible.

Always open with Faerie Fire Feral on a new target, and if you can, Feral Charge, Mangle or Shred until your energy is depleted, then use Tiger’s Fury and Ravage (to take advantage of Stampede). Then, in order:

  • Top Priority: Keep Mangle up on the target at all times. Use Tiger’s Fury and Berserk whenever they come off cooldown.
  • Second Priority: Keep a 5 Combo Point Rip up. If the target is below 25% health, you can refresh your Rip with Ferocious Bite.
  • Third Priority: Keep up Rake and Savage Roar
  • Fourth Priority: Use Shred to gan combo points, or Mangle if you have to be in front of the target.

This is a seriously simplified priority list – Feral Druiding can get really, really complicated. See the WoW forums guide strategy section for more advanced strategies

AOE: On 3 or more mobs, spam Swipe with your cooldowns for maximum DPS.


Feral Druid Cat Spec

This is the standard Patch 4.3 Feral DPS spec.

Stats, Rotation and Gemming

Feral cats are unusually simple stats-wise. Agility matters more than any other stat. Strength items can be useful if they replace a significantly lower-iLevel item. Other than this, all other stats – Hit, Expertise, Crit, Haste, Mastery – are roughly equivalent.

Reforging: Not really worth it unless you want to focus on AOE, in which case Hit is the clear winner for reforging.

Gems: Delicate Inferno Ruby (Agi) under virtually all circumstances. If a socket bonus is 20 Agi or higher and is non-red in one gem slot, Glinting Demonseye or Deft Ember Topaz.

Feral DPS Enchants

Remember, your profession may supply superior enchants – check the stat priority above. Most superior profession enchants will be obviously so.

Head Arcanum of the Ramkahen
Shoulders   Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal
Back Enchant Cloak – Major Agility
Chest Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats
Wrist Enchant Bracer – Agility
Hands Enchant Gloves – Greater Mastery
Belt Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
Legs Dragonscale Leg Armor
Feet Enchant Boots – Major Agility
Weapon Enchant Weapon – Mighty Agility


Prime: Rip, Berserk and Bloodletting.

Major: Rebirth, Feral Charge, Ferocious Bite.

Minor: Unburdened Rebirth, Dash, Mark of the Wild.

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