Pay-To-Play Reputations in SWTOR – Beginning Of The End, Or Beginning Of Not Much?

Has the other shoe dropped for SWTOR in its new F2P incarnation?

That’s what some people have been saying, as the latest SWTOR patch introduces a reputation that only interacts with the Real-Money “Cartel” system.

But is it really that bad?

  • Shintar thinks it’s all a big fuss over nothing, given that all of the items unlocked are cosmetic“Cosmetic fluff is about as innocent as this kind of stuff can get. Yes, I can understand why it sucks if that’s your favourite thing in the game, but what kind of things do you expect them to sell then? “
  • And Rohan mostly agrees, although he’s a bit concerned that it may indicate a worrying trend in the game“In F2P games, more and more it’s looking like the monetization team is the profit-generating division, and the actual game is nothing more than a cost center, and company policy follows accordingly.”
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SWTOR: Cartel Market Reactions Roundup

Many more details on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Free To Play model have been released today, including a lot of information about the in-game perks purchasable with “Cartel Coins”.

Are they Pay To Win? Are they overpriced, unfair, or awesome? Let’s find out what top SWTOR bloggers thought…

  • For a summary of the information released, check either Darth Hater or
  • Syp is concerned that many of the unlockable restrictions on F2P players are just too much to play with“Dudes, why not just make us hop on on leg until we pay up? There are sensible business practices and then there’s just giving noogies to get the rest of our lunch money.”
  • Targeter is frankly thrilled by the cartel options, and the way they make F2P Fun To Play“Bravo, Bioware. You could have gouged us. Instead you chose to make it fun. You chose to take our side. For the first time in a LONG time, I can look at SWTOR and say, “Yes. You are on the right track.””
  • Shintar is much less concerned than she thought she’d be, although she’s concerned that the cash shop may make the game feel less real“Depending on how well the item shop is received, we could soon also see an influx of wannabe Sith speeding around the Republic fleet on mobile thrones and male characters showing off their pecs 247 while wearing invisible shirts. I don’t want it all to be silly and weird. I still shudder at the memory of Dalaran the day WoW released its “sparkle pony”.”
  • And talking of frivolity, Njessi gives us her overview of the less serious parts of the Cartel market“More bikinis. OK, I lied, I don’t love this. I opposite of love this. We totally need more idiots dressing their companions in bikinis. But that’s ok, because finally, sweet revenge…”

What do you think of the way SWTOR’s F2P is shaping up?

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