Talents, Features and Headcanons

We’re finishing off today with three really interesting posts: a passionate takedown of the new talent system, a really interesting discussion on WoW’s features, and a concept – the aforementioned “headcanon” – that I’ve never come across before:

  • Zellviren writes a passionately-argued critique of the new WoW talent system. Strongly put, but with some really interesting points to make – I look forward to the discussion! – “Either you make active mitigation a visceral part of defence and wholly chase away new players who’ll be overwhelmed by it, or you make its contribution small enough that undergeared or under-experienced tanks won’t feel so bad to their healers and those higher up the curve practically ignore it to contribute more damage.”
  • Matthew Rossi covers a well-worn topic – wish-lists of features for WoW – but comes up with some really interesting ideas that go in different directions to the usual discussions“What the system really would need to make it awesome would be a way to define your characters to other players. My wife and I have played our characters with various relationships over the years and it would be great if we could actually use the game’s systems to make that a meaningful choice. “
  • And Tzufit introduces us to the concept of “Headcanon” – the game lore that exists only in your head, but is nonetheless real and important for you“So given the volatility inherent to a shapeshifted druid, I have a hard time believing that any well-trained druid would put roomful of people at risk by turning into a bear or panther or giant bird of prey in front of them. For me, this wouldn’t be all that different from having a wild bear or cat in the room with you, and that bear or cat wouldn’t be curled up in a ball by the fireside asking for you to pet her.”

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