Are resto shamans the new “bench class”?

I’ve rarely read as heartfelt and powerful a post on WoW as Vixsin’s editorial on the place of Resto Shamans in really top guilds today.

If you don’t know of Life in Group 5, it’s written by Vixsin, a resto shaman healer with a very, very hardcore, top guild. They’ve been working on Heroic Ragneros in the Firelands – a kill which Paragon completed recently with no shamans at all in the group. And as Vixsin progressed through the end-game content, she started to wonder if the reason why was that, no matter how dedicated and competent the player, her class was actually not capable of holding its own:

Night 2 came along and over half of our 9-person healing team sat on the chopping block. And the first ones to go were … the 2 Resto Shaman. Not because of skill, or seniority, but because we are Shaman. It was hardly surprising, but nonetheless, it felt like being punched in the gut. It marked the first time that I have ever, in my raiding career, been sat because of my class.

And the interesting thing about it was … I understood why. Running through the rational side of my brain was the list of reasons why it wouldn’t be as easy a fight for me as it would be for another healing class

This is a long post, but it’s worth reading through in its entirety. Vixsin goes through the entire situation, from the controversy and blue reaction to the Paragon kill, to her own personal experience, to what can and should be done about the situation.

It’s easy to dismiss any player’s complaints about their class as “whining” or “QQ”, but the fact is that particularly at the top end, WoW is a very competitive environment full of extremely motivated, hard-working people giving their all to be the best. Notable class disparities really hurt that – they discourage players who are otherwise at the top of their game. And it’s really interesting to read such a well-argued and powerfully emotional piece from someone who is, frankly, so far ahead of me (and most of us, I suspect) in her level of gameplay.

What do you think of the Paragon “no shaman” kill? Is there something that needs to be fixed here?

_Quote taken directly from Vixsin’s post.

Find Life in Group 5 at http://lifeingroup5.com_

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