Firelands Boss Guides – Beth’tilac Heroic tactics

If you’re moving on to the heroic modes of Firelands bosses, a nice challenging fight is Beth’tilac. Heroic tactics for the big spider are very similar to normal Beth’tilac tactics – but, as we’ll see below, she has a few new tricks to throw at you.

More spiders!

You knew it was coming. Not content with the dozens of spiders which spawn in the normal version of the fight, on heroic mode Beth’tilac summons even more multi-legged atrocities.

The three types of spider from the normal mode – Cinderweb Spiderlings, Cinderweb Spinners and Cinderweb Drones remain a part of the fight. In addition, you’ll be seeing Cinderweb Broodlings. These spiders will spawn from three points in the corners of the room – the same points from which Cinderweb Spiderlings appear. They can’t be tanked, and will simply Fixate on a random player and move towards them.

Once a Cinderweb Broodling comes within melee range of any raid member (not just the player on whom they’re currently _Fixate_d), the Broodling will explode. The explosion deals significant damage to anybody within 8 yards, and also leaves a pool of nasty don’t-stand-in-it juice on the floor.

The best strategy for dealing with the Cinderweb Broodlings seems to be to assign one player per corner, to bravely stand in the way of the Broodlings and trigger the explosion. Make sure you have a healer standing by to ease the pain.


Cinderweb Drones will also now Fixate on a random player in heroic mode. They’ll only pick a player on the ground level, but this does mean that the ground level tank will have trouble keeping the drones in one place. The _Fixate_ed player should carefully kite the Drone, making sure to keep the Drone away from any Cinderweb Spiderlings.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

With the exception of these changes, the fight on heroic mode runs much the same as it does on normal mode. You should still split your raid into two groups, and Beth’tilac will still cast Smoldering Devastation three times before descending from the web level to begin Phase 2.

It’s absolutely crucial that the Ground Level Team get rid of all the Cinderweb Spiderlings before the start of Phase 2. Even a single Spiderling remaining will make the soft enrage almost impossible to survive.

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