Quick-read Bastion of Twilight tactics – essential strategy

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Our quick-read Bastion of Twilight tactics tell you just what you need to know, and no more. If you’re looking to refresh your memory, or just want an easy-to-read summary of the strategy for each fight, read on.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker strategy

Phase 1

Kill the Drakes first, then the boss. Your exact strategy depends which three of the five possible drakes are active.

  • If Storm Rider is active, Shadow Nova from Halfus must be interrupted.
  • Orphaned Emerald Whelps should just be AoE’d down.
  • Time Warden – dodge the fireballs from the Proto-Behemoth.
  • Nether Scion – the Halfus tank will take increased damage.
  • Slate Dragon will force a tank-swap after Halfus uses Malevolent Strikes.

Make sure all Drakes are dead before the boss hits 50% health (which will trigger Phase 2).

Phase 2

Continue to dodge the fireballs from the Proto-Behemoth. Furious Roar will stun you, so only use instant-cast abilities while Halfus uses Furious Roar.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker heroic mode strategy

All five drakes will be active, but don’t need to be released at the same time. Release everything except the Slate Dragon at the start. Kill order should be Storm Rider, then Nether Scion, then Time Warden and the Orphaned Emerald Whelps. Release Slate Dragon when all other drakes are dead, but do not kill it. Remember to tank-swap for Malevolent Strikes and use mitigation cooldowns on Furious Roar.

Valiona and Theralion strategy

Phase 1

  • Tank Valiona on the stairs, facing away from the raid.
  • Everyone spread out, at least 8 yards from any other player.
  • Everyone should stack at Valiona’s tail as soon as she casts Blackout.
  • Avoid Devouring Flames by standing behind Valiona (exactly the same technique as Valiona in Grim Batol).
  • Avoid the void zones from Theralion’s Dazzling Destruction.

Phase 2

  • Tank Theralion in the center of the room. Melee stack behind him. Ranged spread out.
  • Run out of the void zones caused by Fabulous Flames.
  • If you get targeted by Twilight Meteorites, stay where you are if you’re melee. If you’re ranged, run to the melee.
  • Move away from the Deep Breath. It will fill a third of the room.

The Twilight Realm

If you stand in the Dazzling Destruction void zones in phase 1, or if you get hit by Deep Breath in phase 2, you’ll be sent to the Twilight Realm. Avoid the Twilight Fiends and the Orbs, and look for a portal. Click the portal to return to the fight.

Valiona and Theralion heroic mode strategy

You’ll need to voluntarily send some DPS to the Twilight Realm for the heroic mode of this fight. Players in the Twilight Realm should kill Twilight Sentries whenever they appear. Cycle the players in the Twilight Realm – staying there too long will kill you. You’ll also need two tanks, as the main tank will eventually be sent to the Twilight Realm.

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Ascendant Council strategy

Phase 1 – Feludius and Ignacious

Ranged DPS should be on Feludius, with melee DPS on Ignacious.


  • Interrupt Hydro Lance.
  • If you get hit by a Water Bomb, run through the fire trail left by Ignacious.
  • If you get Heart of Ice, run to the melee, then let a healer dispell it.
  • Run away when the boss casts Glaciate.
  • When Ignacious casts Aegis of Flame, switch DPS to Ignacious until his shield fails, then interrupt Rising Flames.


  • The Ignacious tank should use mitigation cooldowns on Flame Torrent.
  • Don’t stand in the trail of fire (unless you’re getting rid of Waterlogged from Feludius).
  • If you get Burning Blood, run to the ranged, then let a healer dispell it.
  • When Ignacious casts Aegis of Flame, DPS him until his shield fails, then interrupt Rising Flames.

Watch your DPS – both bosses should reach 25% at roughly the same time.

Phase 2 – Arion and Terrastra

Ranged DPS should be on Arion, with melee DPS on Terrastra.

  • Terrastra – Avoid the rock spikes. Interrupt Harden Skin if you can.
  • Arion – run out if you get Lightning Rod. Interupt Lightning Blast if you can.
  • Everyone needs to touch a Tornado before Terrastra casts Quake.
  • Everyone needs to touch a Gravity Well before Arion casts Thundershock.

Agan, watch your DPS – both bosses should reach 25% at roughly the same time.

Phase 3 – Elementium Monstrosity

  • Tank should move the Monstrosity out of the pools of Liquid Ice.
  • Avoid the fireballs from Lava Seed.
  • Healers will need to heal any players trapped in Gravity Crush.

Cho’gall strategy

Throughout the fight players will gain Corruption, at various levels. Corruption: Accelerated should be dispeled immediately. If you get Corruption: Sickness, turn away from the raid.

Phase 1

  • Interrupt Conversion whenever it’s cast. AoE interrupts are useful here.
  • Tank-swap on Fury of Cho’gall.
  • Don’t stand in the fire left by Flame’s Orders.
  • The off-tank should drag the adds back to the stairs. Ranged DPS should kill the adds.
  • Interrupt Depravity from the adds.
  • Run out when the add casts Corrupting Crash.
  • Use snares and slows on the Blood of the Old God adds.

Phase 2

  • Continue the tank-swap from phase 1.
  • Interrupt or stun the adds that appear, before they cast Debilitating Beam. DPS adds as a priority.

Cho’gall heroic mode strategy

Additional adds will spawn during phase 1 (including an additional Corrupting Adherent, which will require an additional tank). DPS the Shadow Lord and Fire Elemental when they appear, as a priority. Move away from Spiked Tentacles in phase 2.

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