Happy Players, Scared Players, and Olymp – er – London Sporting Events

It’s a real grab-bag of interesting writing to round out today – from Stubborn’s terrifying adventures in The Secret World to Zoso’s parody of the Sporting Event That Shall Not Be Named, let’s go!

  • Stubborn discusses The Secret World’s success in producing an unsettling and even terrifying MMORPG“In the game’s first haunted house, there’s intermittent periods of shrieking, laughing, and crying just on the edges of your hearing. The ambience is truly horrifying – not scary – but unsettling to the point that it can be distracting.”
  • Zoso considers the possibilities for some MMORPG Sporting And Athletic Events That Aren’t Connected To London Or The Current Year At All““On to the actual sporting events now. First up: Archery. Now the bidding was particularly fierce for this one, wasn’t it Barry?” “It certainly was, Clifford, and it looks like the committee have hedged their bets slightly by awarding Archery to: All Of Them! Or, to be technically accurate, Almost All Of Them, Apart From A Few Of The Modern-Day Or Sci-Fi Ones, Though Even City Of Heroes Has Archery Powersets””
  • The Grumpy Elf brings up an intriguing possibility – what if the cross-faction Pandaren are a stalking-horse for being able to take most WoW races cross-faction?“Could we ever see an alliance tauren or a horde dwarf? It might be possible if the pandas are a test to see how one race would work on both sides of the fence. “
  • And The Godmother looks at people complaining about reputation being tied to daily quests in Mists of Pandaria with some bemusement” Professions will require you to have reputation that you can’t simply go and slog out with multiple dungeons. Placing a time constraint means the world won’t be flooded with 1001 Jewelcrafting Mounts in the first month, and I for one think this is a good thing. “

Seriously, I’m taking no chances with discussion of the Olyp – er – thingies. After all, if you’re nearby, you can actually get yourself arrested for not looking happy enough

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