Alysrazor Heroic Tactics – Herald of the Burning End? Really?

You know how Alysrazor was pretty scary on Normal? Well on Heroic she’s down right terrifying. Read on for our guide to Alysrazor Heroic tactics, and at least some ideas of how not to die horribly in the fire.

This guide just covers the Heroic changes to Alysrazor – for the Normal Mode tactics, check our master guide to Alysrazor tactics.

Overall: Phase 1 changes a lot. Phases 2, 3, and 4 don’t change much, and we won’t mention them, aside from pointing out that the tornados now one-shot in P2!


The big chance to Alys in Heroic is Firestorm. Once a minute, she’ll start charging this ability up, then cast it. Your entire raid must Line-of-Sight her during this time. Anyone who doesn’t will take a massive amount of damage and die.

There are a number of consequences to this:

  • Tanks only have a minute to kill the Hatchlings. They’ve got less health, but it’s still a huge challenge. If a Hatchling joins everyone in a small tight group, it’s pretty much death for all.
  • Team Air will have to join Team Ground during the Firestorm. If you’re not LOSing, you’re dead.
  • Ranged DPS on the ground (yes, you need ranged DPS on the ground) have an additional job – killing the rolling boulders, and thus providing somewhere to hide.


Rolling Boulders

Every so often, a Herald of The Burning End (stop laughing. No, really. No – ) will spawn in the middle of the arena. Rather than, as you might expect, jumping around shouting “ow, ow, hot, hot, Johnnie Cash!”, they will then proceed to sit there and channel a spell. Eventually, they’ll turn into a giant molten boulder.

Be honest, haven’t we all had days like that?

Said boulder will roll toward the edge of the arena. Your Ranged DPS need to kill it, kill it now, because if it reaches the edge of the arena it will split into smaller boulders. Those will then roll through the raid, doing damage, but more importantly, you won’t have anywhere to hide from the Firestorm.

No, hiding behind a pallie with Divine Shield will not work.

So – kill boulders to give you boulders with which you can hide from Firestorm.

Other Changes

There are a variety of other nasty little changes to Phase 1.

Everything does a lot more damage. The Fieroblast and the balls of fire from the Blazing Initiates are both pretty much one-shot-kills now.

In the sky, the Incendiary Clouds are also one-shot-kills, and three of them will spawn per Ring of Fire. They’re very hard to avoid.

That’s about it! If you can survive all that, you really do deserve that Heroic Alys achievement. Good luck!

Have you done Alys on Heroic? Got any tips for us? Post them below.

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