Alysrazor tactics – My word, that’s a whole lot of fire.

Goodness, gracious, great birds of fire! Alysrazor tactics basically boil down to one thing.

Clearly, with the Firelands raid, Blizzard had kinda already established the main mechanic – Fire, Do Not Stand In The. So they only had one place to go.

More Fire.

If you really, really like fire, and I mean in a full-on I’ve-watched-Carrie-25-times way, this is the fight for you. Also, you are somewhat alarming.

It’s Just A Phase

If you like phases, this is the fight for you, too.

Actually, Alys’s phases feel a lot like my attempts at PvP. First up, she’s trying to play it smart and tactically, doing cautious attacks. Then, she just attempts to go mental and kill everyone – but it doesn’t work because they keep dodging. Then, she completely runs out of energy and falls over for 30 seconds. Finally, she says “screw it”, gets up and blows all her cooldowns.

Of course, the difference between Alys and me is that she then goes back to Phase 1, wheras I tend to ragequit and go make a cup of tea. Also, I don’t drop a sweet Phoenix mount when killed.

Phase 0

When you pull Alysrazor, she will fire off a massive AOE for 10 seconds, knocking the crap out of your raid and knocking you back into the bargain. Yes, that’s her on-pull ability. Yikes.

This pretty much sets up the fight you’re about to experience.

Hide in a corner to ensure you can stack up and use AOE heals. The first time you pull her, mind you, Majordomo Staghelm (who will make a cameo appearance the very first time you pull Alysrazor, but won’t be a problem after that) will root you all, ensuring you can’t hide.


Phase 1

In Phase 1, Alys will fly around above you. You, in turn, will respond by dividing your raid in half – and I don’t mean cutting them in half in a blind “goddamn it get out of the fire” fury, I mean splitting them into Team Ground, who will stay on the ground and run around controlling adds, and Team Air, who will fly up, up and away, and will follow Alys around DPSing her whilst, erm, flying through her rings. Fire rings, that is.

Team Air should consist of DPSers, ideally ranged. You want 2 of them in 10-man and 6 of them in 25-man. Choose people with good spatial awareness skills – job number 1 is flying through rings so you don’t drop out of the sky.

Team Air – flashy flyboys/girls

Team Air, arguably, have the simplest job.

First up, at the start of the fight, they’ll need to gather 3 Molten Feathers whilst avoiding the Fire. Once they get 3, they’ll be catapulted up into the air, where they should proceed to fly after the phoenix and DPS her.

However, they need to keep themselves up there, and this is the fun bit. Alys will spawn rings of flame after her – all over the place. Team Air need to fly through as many of those rings as possible – don’t worry, they don’t despawn after 1 person goes through – in order to stack up the “Blazing Power” buff, which makes you steadily more badass. It also prevents you from becoming pavement pizza – the flight buff only lasts 20 seconds, but is refreshed by flying through Alys’s rings (sorry).

No ring, no refresh, Wile E Coyote moment, argh, splat.

Keep deepsing her until she drops to the ground. It’s worth watching a video of this fight if you’re going to be in Team Air to make sure you know what to expect.

Team Ground – All Of T3h Adds

Right. First thing first. Alys flies through the center of the arena from time to time, in a North to South line, drawing a line of fire behind her. Would anyone like to guess what you do with that? Anyone? Bueller?

Yep, don’t stand in it.

There will also be worms spawned about half-way from the center and the edge of the arena, at the NW, NE, SW, and SE corners. They spew fire in a cone in front of themselves, facing toward the center of the arena. Don’t stand in, etc, etc.

Now, here’s the fun bit. The adds. I’ll give a summary of the little bastards here, but full details of how to murderise each of them can be found in our detailed guides – healing Alysrazor, tanking Alysrazor, Alysrazor melee DPS, and Alysrazor ranged DPS.

Blazing Talon Initiates: Every 40 seconds or so, a Blazing Talon Initiate – a Druid of the Flame, basically – will fly into the arena, one from the West and one from the East. Top priority: DPS should interrupt their Fieroblast, or Bad Things will happen. Second Priority – everyone should avoid the flaming balls they summon. Third priority – kill them. They’re the only conventionally DPSable adds in this phase.

Plump Lava Worms – the worms mentioned above. Don’t worry about these guys (aside from avoiding their fire) – something horrible will happen to them shortly.

Voracious Hatchlings – and here’s the something horrible. These lovely critters spawn from Molten Eggs, which get dropped into the arena (2 of them, close to the center) every 40 seconds. You’ve got 10 sec to put a tank next to an egg and everyone else away from it. They will permanently attach to and DPS whoever is nearest them when they spawn.

The good news, though, is that the person they’re “Imprinted” on gets to do them 11x damage. Yes, 11x. Phear my prot pallie’s mighty DPS meter scores.

Now, the worms. These hatchlings are hungry. So, you need to feed them, or they’ll throw a Tantrum, resulting in a whole boatload of damage heading in your direction. You feed them by, wait for it, kiting them next to a Plump Lava Worm- which they’ll then chow down on. Generally, it’s best to feed them every 20% of their health, and otherwise DPS them down.

DPS can help out with that, but it’s basically the tank’s job.

Phase 2

Oh, dear god. That was only Phase 1? I’m afraid so. But subsequent phases are a lot easier.

After 3 overflies of the arena, Alysrazor gets fed up, and having seen how you performed the first time you did Throne of the Tides (come on, fess up), decides to kill you with the ever-popular tornados. So she fills the arena with them.

Job 1: Don’t stand at the edge or in the middle, or you will die horribly in fire. No tornados, just fire.

Job 2: The easiest way to avoid the tornados is to follow them for a bit. However, they’re faster than you. So, follow one until another one passes it in the opposite direction – then do a 180 and follow behind that one instead, until another one passes – and so on. You should end up doing slightly elongated oval runs, and tornados shouldn’t get anywhere near you.

Good news, everyone. The slime is flowing aga – no, wait. This phase only lasts 30 seconds, before we go on to:

Phase 3

Alys is knackered, and falls out of the sky and collapses, like she’d been downing vodka shots all night and just hit the weepy phase. Only here, instead of holding her hair out of her face whilst she throws up, you take the opportunity to DPS her as hard and as fast as possible – because when this phase ends, she’s not going to fall asleep on the sofa.

Through Phase 3 and 4, Alysrazor starts at 0 Molten Power, and slowly regenerates back to 100. When she gets to 50 Molten Power, this phase ends and the next one begins.

DPS and healers, yes, healers, should DPS lots and lots and lots. Oh, yeah – DPS done in this phase restores your mana.

Wow. Watch that Holy Priest smite like he’s never smitten before.

Tanks, meanwhile, have to control the Blazing Talon Clawshapers that fly into the arena, presumably carrying strong coffee and Alka-Seltzer. They’re going to try to get Alys up faster by restoring her Molten Power. The tanks’ job is to stop them by interrupting, stunning, and possibly shouting “Look! It’s the Goodyear Blimp!”.

Phase 4

She’s back, and she’s bad. And she’s got a two-day hangover, and your tanks are wearing things that make clanking noises. She wishes them to die.

In this phase, your healers have a heart attack, basically. She does massive damage to the entire raid, unavoidably. At the same time, she throws fire at the tanks in a cone shape (don’t point it at the raid – that’s an MMO Melting Pot Protip ™), and stacks a nasty debuff on them too. Tank-swap when she reaches 75 Molten Power, which she will continue to regenerate throughout the phase.

The damage here is horrible. It’s cooldown time.

Once she reaches 100 Molten Power, she dies. No, just kidding. She goes back to Phase 1, and you get to do it all again.

Detailed Tactics

This is a hell of a fight. What you’ve just read is a summary – for more detailed information on each role, and tips for specific classes, you want our role-specific Alys guides:

  • Healing Alysrazor
  • Tanking Alysrazor
  • Melee DPS on Alysrazor
  • Ranged DPS on Alysrazor

Good luck!

Any tips or tricks we didn’t consider here? Post them below!

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