WoW Affliction Warlock Stats, Rotation And Glyphs {Patch 4.1}

This guide is now out of date – so get the latest info on Affliction Warlock talent specs, glyphs, reforging and gems, and rotations in Patch 4.2 instead!

Want to get busy afflicting pain and agony on the monsters of the world before Cataclysm, but don’t know how to start being an affliction warlock after patch 4.1? Don’t worry. We’ve got the basics of affliction covered here so you can be off petting fluffy bunnies smiting your opponents in no time.

Affliction warlock rotation:

Single target: Haunt > Demon Soul > Bane of Doom > Corruption > Unstable Affliction > Drain Soul (if target is below 25% health) > Shadowflame > Shadow Bolt/Drain Life

  • Always use Haunt and Demon Soul whenever they’ve cooled down.
  • Keep Bane of Doom, Corruption and Unstable Affliction up on the target at all times.

Two targets: Get your DoTs on a target them use (glyphed) soul swap to transfer them to the other.

Three or more targets: Use Soulburn: Seed of Corruption.

Affliction talent spec:

Which warlock demon should I use?:

  • Fel Hunter.

**Stats, reforging and gems as an Affliction warlock:


Stats order: Intellect > Hit (until hit capped at 1742 /17%) > Haste > Critical Strike Rating > Mastery

  • Reforge Mastery and Critical Strike Rating into Hit until hit capped, then everything into Haste. If you can’t reforge to Haste reforge to Critical Strike Rating.
  • Gem for intellect and hit until hit capped, then for intellect. Use split intellect/haste in yellow sockets in the socket bonus is worth it – i.e. +20 stat.


Primes: Glyph of Unstable AfflictionGlyph of CorruptionGlyph of Haunt

Major: Glyph of Soul Swap Glyph of Shadow BoltGlyph of Life Tap

Minor: Glyph of Drain Soul


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