Addon recommendations for Death Knight runes

I play a Death Knight on World Of Warcraft, and I have something to confess: I wish death runes didn’t exist. Now, before you throw up your hands in despair and head to the Contact Us page with your proforma death threats, hear me out. Let me explain.

I know death runes are the thing that gives our rune system so much flexibility. I know most DPS builds are focussed on enabling as many death rune procs as possible. I know it means less time spent staring at a global cooldown or an empty rune bar. Nonetheless, I repeat: I wish they didn’t exist. Back in the heady days of pre-4.0.1 raiding, I knew exactly what the rune cost of each of my abilities was, and how the use of each ability would affect my rotation. I got to the stage where I could pretty much store the cooldown states for all six of my runes in my head, which meant I didn’t have to look at my rune meter all the time … except for the damn death runes. They throw everything into disarray. It means I have to put a big rune monitor right in the middle of the screen so I know what’s going on.

With the changes in 4.0.1, of course, I’m back to being utterly lost, so I’ve once again been investigating the best way to display my rune status. Lucky for me, then, that two of the best Death Knight bloggers on the internets have both been doing the same thing, and have blogged their experiences. The legendary Skeleton Jack (who I’m so pleased is blogging again) recommends DK Monitor in combination with Tell Me When. Hinenuitepo at DK Death Goddess, on the other hand, is sticking with DKI Runes.

Both posts give an excellent detailed discussion of what each author is trying to achieve and what benefits each addon brings. Personally, I’m currently running DKI Runes concurrently with DK Monitor. Multiple redundancy for the win.

Do you have any addon recommendations for Death Knights? At the moment, I’m trying to find a way to display how many buff stacks my ghoul needs before I can hit the Dark Transformation button. Any clever suggestions?

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